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We Took the Active Family Project Pledge This Summer. Have You? #SPONSORED

Disclosure: I received $100 from Merck Consumer Care, and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Merck Consumer Care.

How is your summer going?  I can't believe how fast it has gone.  It is funny how during the fall/winter months you can't wait for the summer and warmer weather to finally get here.  But, then, once it does, it doesn't seem to stay around for long. :-(  I hope you have been making the most of the warm weather with your family, with day trips and other fun outdoor activities.

Right now, we have been dealing with a heat wave, so I have been keeping the girls indoors most of the day.  Then, when the sun goes down and my husband arrives home from work, we either take a dip in the pool, go for a walk up the hill to a neighbor's horse farm to see and feed the horses, or even take the girls downtown to walk in the park.  We are trying to make the most of the warm weather by being outdoors as much as possible.  How about you?  Do you find that with the summer that you and kids spend more time outdoors?  Or, do you prefer to be indoors with the AC cranked on?  Prior to kids I would go with the second option -- stay inside with the AC's cranked on. But, once the girls came, being outdoors, taking in the fresh air and all the wonder and beauty that the girls experience for the first time, is so much more appealing. :-)  Like they say, kids are only little once.  And, once they turn into tweens/teens, they don't want to spend time with the parents, as much as they used to.  Having seen this firsthand with relatives with tweens/teens, and knowing I was the same way when I was younger, spending as much time with the girls is my top priority and one I cherish as a stay at home mom.  And, the summer months, with the warmer weather, make for the best time to create some amazing memories, as we enjoy day trips, introduce to the girls to new things, and watch them experience firsts, like picking strawberries, going for a hike, seeing a waterfall, etc.

What memories have you created with your family this summer?  We have been taking full advantage of our above ground pool with the girls, as we had to close it early last year due to a liner issue -- paid a pool guy to install a new liner, only for him to install it wrong and end up draining it.  So, when we finally got the pool up and running this year, I couldn't wait to see the girls' reactions.  Last year, the girls could have cared less about the pool, as they were too young. But, now that Savannah is almost 3 yrs. old and a "big girl," the pool looked like an oversized bath tub, that she loved to get in and splash around in.  :-)  We know the importance of pool safety and how important it is to teach your child how to swim at an early age, in case the unthinkable happens.  So, I have been spending time each evening teaching Savannah how to swim.  And, I am happy to say that she is finally getting the hang of it, and can keep her floating upright with her life vest on.  And, she can lean forward and doggie paddle to me.  We were all cheering the other day when she was showing off her new swim skills.  You should have saw how proud she was of herself.  And, from that point forward, she eagerly awaits my husband's arrival each night, so she can get back into the water and hone her swimming skills. 


So, when I think back to memories and firsts for summer 2013, this is one that will stand out in my mind for Savannah.  As for Arabella, she is trying her hardest to catch up to Savannah in everything that she does.  Even though there is a 15 month difference, she is determined to be right alongside Savannah when they try new things together.  This summer, Arabella learned how to go down a slide...she prefers face first rather than sitting on her bottom. :-)  She had her first slush in NH -- that he ate herself with a spoon; Petted her first horse without being scared of it; Added more words to her growing vocabulary; And, this is the first year she has been in the pool.  Etc., Etc., Etc. :-)

My husband and I are cherishing all these great summer memories we are making with the girls, and taking so many pictures and videos.  Come the winter when we are stuck inside wishing for summer to get here, we will be able to look through all the photos and reminisce about the best summer ever! Well, that is until next year. :-)

Don't let the final dog days of summer slip by without creating lasting memories with your kids.  Get outdoors and take advantage of nice weather while it is here.  There are so many things to do, from FREE activities to local events and festivals.  We just got into geocaching, and have been doing this on weekends, when we are not visiting local farms for tours to see the animals, berry picking, visiting splashpads, etc..  You don't have to travel far or spend tons of money to have fun with the kids.  Just look in your own will be surprised at all the things that you and the kids can do to keep busy, while also enjoying each others company.

Join me in taking the Active Family Project Pledge to make a playdate to get outdoors and spend time with the whole family. 

"Moms are increasingly juggling work, school, sports, errands, household chores, mundane daily tasks, appointments, and more. The Active Family Project is designed to help empower moms to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with their families so they can live life the way they love. It aims to spotlight tips and advice for fun family activities and build a national community of moms dedicated to adopting and promoting a healthy and active family lifestyle. Click here to learn more.

Use the Active Family Project Activity Finder to get tips and ideas for your family’s playtime together. This go-to guide offers some instant solutions to your playtime needs, and aims to promote quality time and help your family live life more fully. Visit the Activity Finder at

I would love to hear what you have been doing, or plan to do with the kids.  Blueberry and raspberry season is in full case you needed an idea for this weekend. :-)  Leave me a comment letting me know about your summer memories.  I can't wait to see what fun outdoor activities you have been or will be doing. :-)

My husband and I are talking about either going camping or renting an RV next summer, and traveling around New England, as we take in the sites and enjoy the great outdoors with the girls. See, even though we are not done with summer 2013, or braving the winter weather, I am already planning our next summer fun! :-)

Disclosure: I received $100 from Merck Consumer Care, and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Merck Consumer Care.

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