Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Savannah's Cadbury™ 'High Tea' Party Was a Hit #CadburyHighTea

Disclosure: I received a party kit as part of a promotional program with Cadbury and MomSelect. The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Tea, anyone?

Each and every day I look at my girls, I see that they are growing up so fast.  What ever happened to the days when I could scoop them up in my arms and cradle them against my shoulder.  Now, I am lucky if I can wrangle them up and cuddle them, without them squirming around. :-)  Not only can I see the physical changes of the girls, but they are each developing their own personalities and traits that make them unique.  Arabella is still our cuddler, and can spend hours playing with her dolls and stuffed toys.  While Savannah is more creative, wanting to do arts and crafts or use her imagination during play time.  Just the other day, she filled a wagon full of toys and proceeded to give them a tour of our house, making sure to stop and point out some of her favorite toys or rooms in the house (her bedroom and the playroom).  As I listened in to her tour, I couldn't help but smile at her detailed accounts of how she acquired certain toys, and why she likes them so much.

So, when it came time to plan for our Cadbury High Tea party with her friends, I knew she would want to be in on all aspects including the invite list, menu, games, etc. :-)  It took us two weeks to plan and shop for the party, and last Saturday, Savannah, along with five of her friends and Arabella gathered at our house for a tea party fit for a princess.  You can't have tea (even pretend) without cookies.  And, Savannah spared no expense on choosing just the right ones to serve her guests --- Italian cookies from her favorite bakery in CT.  The day before the party, she took a drive with Daddy after work to pick up a sampler of Italian cookies.  

I ended up making cold cut finger sandwiches -- ham and cheese and turkey and cheese, while dessert was provided by Cadbury and Mom Select.  As part of their Cadbury High Tea Party campaign, I was sent a sampling of Cadbury ice cream bars, along with hats and fascinators in a variety of colors, and even a fancy china tea set, for my daughter and her friends to enjoy.  Savannah was able to buy her Italian cookies with the gift card that was also sent, to help pay for party supplies.

What is a party without an invitation?  I showed Savannah a few sample invitations online that we could either print out or re-create.  But, she opted for a more fun invite.  Having had a tea party last year with her friends, we used one of the photos from our party and printed it onto stock paper.  Then, on the blank side, we added the party details.  Not only could the girls receiving the invites be reminded about last year's fun party, but they could also look forward to new memories, as they, too, were growing up, and taking on their own identities. :-)

Because some of the guests were little, I opted to let the girls use plastic tea sets for their tea party, while the moms in attendance got to sip tea from the beautiful and oh so elegant china tea set that was sent to me for the party.  The girls didn't mind, as they were more interested in trying out the different hats and fascinators, to find the one that best coordinated with their outfits.  The moms and I looked on, and couldn't help but smile, yet feel a little sad, as we watched our little girls having a tea party and acting all grown up.  

While the girls acted all prim and proper through the tea serving, cookie sampling and snacking on their finger sandwiches, they reminded us they were still little girls, once I brought out the Cadbury Ice Cream Bars to enjoy.  Out of the four Cadbury Ice Cream Bar flavors sent: Vanilla Chocolate, Caramello, English Toffee and Royal Dark, the girls all agreed that the Vanilla Chocolate was their favorite, while the moms, on the other hand, were fans of the Royal Dark Cadbury Ice Cream bars.  Have you tried Cadbury Ice Cream Bars?  If so, which one did you like most?   Once the ice creams were enjoyed, the girls wrapped up their tea party, and began saying their goodbyes.  But, Savannah, being the gracious hostess, told each of the guests to expect another High Tea invite next year! :-)  That's my girl! 

While Savannah and her friends made for great photo ops for the moms, leave it to Arabella to go crazy eating her Cadbury Ice Cream bar, and being the hot ticket of the party.  She made the moms giggle, as we realized that even though our daughters are growing up, they will remain our little girls forever! :-)  Thanks Cadbury and MomSelect for letting Savannah and I host an elegant, yet oh so fun High Tea party, fit for princesses!

Disclosure: I received a party kit as part of a promotional program with Cadbury and MomSelect. The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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