Monday, July 22, 2013

Our Summer BBQ's and Pool Parties Are Even Better Thanks to G-Project's G-Grip and G-Zip Speakers (Review) #SPONSORED

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for G-Project. I received a G-Grip and G-Zip to facilitate my review.


Have you been looking for a great portable speaker to use on-the-go or around the house?  With so many speakers available for sale, how do you know which is the right one for you?  After researching and checking out a variety of portable speakers in stores, we finally settled on two speakers from G-Project.

"G-Project is a California-based company, dedicated to evolving speakers and accessories for smart devices to be rugged and real world ready.  Always built with durability and portability in mind, G-Project speakers are built to last and deliver excellent sound quality and features, and are made for on-the-go, adventurous consumers in mind."

The speakers from G-Project, far exceeded my expectations as a consumer after having recently tried out their G-Grip and G-Zip speakers, as part of a Mom Central Consulting campaign.

G-GRIP -- Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker That is Both Crush Proof and Drop Tested -- A Great Value at Only $69.99.

"What good is an ultra-portable speaker if you have to be ultra careful with it? You don't need to baby G-GRIP. It's ready right out of the box for your next adventure: mountain biking, snowboarding, skating and rock climbing or just living in the urban jungle."

  • G-GRIP is an ultra-durable, portable, Bluetooth speaker designed to withstand the hazards of everyday life, and then some. 
  • In lab tests G-GRIP withstood drops of over 8 feet and a crush force of over 1,339 pounds, all while pumping out loud, clean sound.... we even ran G-GRIP over with our car and it’s still playing (See videohere). 
  • Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or the newest tablet, G-GRIP streams audio wirelessly via any Bluetooth capable device. You can also connect and play audio from any device with a standard headphone jack with a 3.5mm line in cable. 
  • G-GRIP has a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery for up to eight hours of playback time.  


      My Thoughts:

We were in the market for a new Bluetooth portable speaker, as our other one, which we paid top $$$ for stopped working out of no where.  Leading up to it breaking, we had been disappointed with the overall sound quality it would provide, seeing that so many other people raved that the sound quality was amazing.  Having spent over $150 for our now defunct Bluetooth portable speaker, I was looking for something a little bit more affordable, that would also deliver the sound quality I was looking for.  So, you can only imagine how excited I was to be chosen to participate in Mom Central Consulting's G-Project Campaign to review the Grip and G-Zip Speakers.

      Upon receiving the G-Grip speaker, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Compared to the other Bluetooth speakers we have been looking at, and the one that we previously owned, this was a bit more clunky. It reminded me of an expanded accordion, in the way it looked, with zig zag ridges all around, with small vents for sound to be emitted from.  While my husband liked the rugged look of this speaker, I was more interested in hearing how it sounded.

      We ended up plugging this portable speaker into our 35-inch flat screen television, which has poor sound quality.  We had been using our other Bluetooth speaker when watching movies, so that the sound quality would be better.  Without the use of a portable speaker, we were settig the volume setting on the television to around 30-40, only to have the sound muffled.  So, how was the sound quality of the G-Grip speaker?  I have to say, that it exceeded my expectations.  The sound that we heard was so clear, and the treble and bass sounds were comparable to Bluetooh portable speakers on the market for upwards of $180+.  

      Since plugging in and using the G-Grip with our flat screen television in the family room, we have stopped our search for a portable speaker, as we found what we were looking for, and more with G-Project's G-Grip.

      Don't want to spend top $$$ on a Bluetooth portable speaker, but still want exceptional sound quality, then check out the G-Grip speaker G-Project today.  At only $69.99, you can't go wrong for sound quality and ultra portable speaker, which is rugged and crush proof up to 1,339 lbs.  We can vouch that this speaker is rugged and durable, as our youngest daughter picked it up and dropped it on the floor.  When I went to pick it up and examine if for cracks and to see if it still worked, I couldn't get over how it was not damaged at all.  Our old Bluetooth portable wireless speaker would not have faired as well.  And, with a rechargeable 8-hour battery life, this portable speaker also is great for use outdoors when we are watching movies with the kids in the backyard, or listening to music by the pool.  

      If you love streaming music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or Blackberry phones, but wish the sound quality could be better?  Then, why not consider picking up the G-Grip portable wireless speaker today?  You will be amazed at the sound quality that comes out of this rugged speaker.

 And, don't forget the G-Zip Mini Portable Speakers for On-the-Go Fun!


  • G-Project’s fun-sized speaker, G-ZIP, is small enough to fit in your hand and loud enough to start a party. It is super lightweight and compact, making easy to toss in your bag, purse or backpack - or clip onto a strap.  
  • G-ZIP has a built-in, lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours and charges through a USB port.
  • G-ZIP plays with a retractable line-in cable. 

My Thoughts:

You would think with such a small portable speaker, which looks like a sleek grenade, that the sound quality would not be that good.  But, surprising this tiny speaker packs a lot of crisp, clean sound.  I have been using the G-Zip speakers to plug into the iPad for when we are lounging by the pool and the kids ask to listen to some music.  I can stream songs from my iTunes account, as well as other music sharing sites with ease.  

Prior to receiving the G-Zip speakers to review, along with the G-Grip speakers, I was afraid to turn my iPad's speakers up full blast when listening to music, as I didn't want to damage the speakers.  On the few instances where the volume control is all the way up, usually when the girls are playing with their apps, the sound really isn't that loud.  This has always been a little disappointing for the brand and amount of money we paid for the iPad when it first came out.  I guess they didn't make it for the purpose of being a portable stereo.  But, thanks to the G-Zip speakers, which is available in either a silver or blue color, I can turn my iPad into one, and make our pool parties and afternoon summer swims that much more enjoyable. :-)

The G-Zip speakers are easy to operate and don't have tons of buttons or lights you have to worry about.  Instead, this portable speaker from G-Project only has two lights you have to worry about -- the white light indicates the power status, while the other red light indicates the charging status.  I especially love the retractable 3.5mm audio plug, which stores away when not in use.  And, when not in use, you can turn the speaker over and move the power switch from "AUX" to "OFF."
While I have only used these portable speakers poolside with my iPad so far, I know that they will come in handy when we travel this fall, and can use in the hotel room, etc.

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for G-Project. I received a G-Grip and G-Zip to facilitate my review.

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  1. That's amazing how small and compact the G-ZIP is, yet still so powerful!