Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...Make a Craft Project -- The Good Cook Challenge

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I love a challenge.  So, when I was recently sent extra citrus keepers from Good Cook -- make sure you check out my recent review of these and the other 6 Fresh Keepers with Giveaway here: -- and asked to see what I can make with these -- I jumped at the challenge. :-)

After pondering for days ideas on what to do with these citrus keepers, I had a handful of ideas.  For instance, I thought about drilling a hole in the top of the holder and adding a straw for a quick drink holder for the kids or for a luau themed summer party. Then, I thought they would make for great cupcake holders with lids -- great for party favors or sending guests home with a cupcake.  But, I knew I wanted to do something more challenging -- but, what?  And, then it hit me... light up fireflies.  Even though the fireflies are not out here in CT yet, I love being able to sit out on the back deck on a hot summer night and watch the backyard light up with the fireflies flying around.  Now that I had my idea, I had to think of a way to execute it.  :-)

Because I have young children at home, I find it is easier to do non-glue gun crafts, as I don't have to worry about the kids knocking the glue gun over or pulling my supplies off the table.  So, part of my challenge for this craft project was to create a non-glue gun project -- and...I succeeded. :-)

Here is what the final light-up firefly looked, which I created from one of the extra citrus keepers I was sent. 

My almost 3 yr. old daughter, Savannah, helped me make the faces, thanks to her letting me use her peel and stick foam craft supplies.  My husband lent a hand and pushed holes through the body and top (the head of the firefly) of citrus keeper, so that I could slide the black pipe cleaners through.  For the flashing light, I had a few ideas in mind -- I could either use the light up tea lights that you find at the dollar store, or, while pulling together the pipe cleaners, I found light up bows I had left over from Christmas.  With a a flip of the white switch they changed colors.  I went for the second option, and took the plastic bow off the light up piece, leaving me with the stick on light piece to add to the solid color portion of the citrus keeper.

In less than 30 minutes, I was able to make up 3 light up fireflies.  And, that night I put them out on the deck and had a blast sitting with the girls and watching our hand-made fireflies twinkle in the night.  But, go figure, with New England weather ever changing, it started to rain before I could take a video of the fireflies in action.  So, I took a video in the kitchen to demonstrate our light up fireflies made from citrus keepers from Good Cook.  And, here it is:

What would you make with these citrus keepers if you were challenged to create a craft or recipe using them?  I would love to hear what you would come up with, so please leave your comments below. :-)


  1. thats a cute idea....thanks for sharing....

  2. Those are cute! Love the video. I made a floral centerpiece and also used the tealight idea.