Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Toby the Puppy Cool Gel ‘N Cap Brought Relief When My Girls' Needed it Most (Review)

Cool Gel n Cap

With the recent upper respiratory infection and head cold that swept through our house and stayed around for over 3 weeks, I fell in love with a unique product, invented by a dad -- the Cool Gel 'n Cap.  I know what you are thinking, this cap looks silly looking. And, that you can only imagine what a child would like with it on.  Well, I have to say, I thought the same thing at first.  But, as I sat and watched both my girls not feeling well and needing relief from ear infections, fevers, etc., I was willing to give anything a try to bring some relief -- even a silly cap.

"The Cool Gel ‘N Cap® is the colorful stay-in-place cooling cap that soothes bumps, bruises, and the fears of your little ones. Recommended by pediatricians, and featured on top Mommy Blogs and Parenting Sites, these adorable caps conveniently house two removable ice packs inside the cap.Parents use Cool Gel ‘n Cap® for bumps and bruises, earaches & infections, headaches, fevers, and pain relief without drugs. Cool Gel ‘N Cap® come in two sweet styles that kids love. Parents can choose from Toby the Puppy or Tulip the Bunny to bring a smile in a time of need. "

I was sent the Toby the Puppy cap to review, and have gotten great use out of it these past few weeks.  Prior to receiving this Cool Gel 'n Cap to review, I found it difficult to hold an ice pack to my child's head when they had a headache or earache.  And, forget about trying to sooth bumps and bruises.  As soon as Savannah would see the ice pack come out of the freezer, she would run in the opposite direction.  She didn't like the ice cold feel -- even after it was wrapped in dish towels.  As for Arabella, she would sit for a minute or so, but then would get figgety and want to get up and move around, making it impossible to keep an ice pack in place long enough to see a benefit.

But, when both my girls saw the Cool Gel 'n Cap, they wanted to put it on.  They both thought it was cute, and liked how it felt.  I first put it on without the chilled ice packs, to see how they would handle it.  Then, after seeing they didn't mind it, put the ice packs in.  I was surprised to see the girls sit still and wear the Cool Gel 'n Cap.  And, with them both being sick, with head colds, ear infections and a fever, the Cool Gel 'n Cap really did come in handy.  I wish I had two, as it would have made it easier to tend to both of them at the same, instead of having to switch off and re-chill the packs.  After this last cold bout, I will definitely be buying another Cool Gel 'n Cap, as well as a few more to leave at Nana and Papa's house, for when the need for the Cool Gel 'n Cap arises.

If you have little ones, especially between the ages of 1-4 years of age, or are looking for just the right baby shower or new mom gift, why not consider the Cool Gel 'n Cap, invented by a Dad?  This is one first aid item every parent and grandparent should have on hand and ready to use.  We will surely not be without our Cool Gel 'n Cap the next time a fever, headache, bump or bruise, etc. occurs. 


Cool Gel n Cap

You can purchase the Cool Gel 'n Cap directly online for only $12.99 by clicking here now --

And, like I said, you can choose either the Toby the Puppy or Tulip the Bunny style, to help soothe your little one's aches and pains.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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