Thursday, May 16, 2013

Share Words of Encouragement and Reassure Moms You Know by Sending Them JOHNSON’S® Baby “Care Cards”

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for JOHNSON's Baby. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

How was your Mother's Day?  Did you do anything special, like going to lunch with the kids, or having breakfast in bed?  We went away to NH for a few days, but had to cut our trip short as the girls and I got sick with a virus going around.  But, the time spent together both in NH and back home snuggling on the couch was priceless.  Each and every day my girls are learning and doing new things. And, each and every day, I realize that they will not stay young for long, and are growing up quickly.  I still can't belive that Savannah is turning 3 in July, and we be in pre-school in the fall.  Where did my babies go? :-(

Although they are growing up, I still cherish each and every moment with them.  I don't think I would have been able to get through the first 3 years with Savannah, and then the past 18 months with Arabella if it hadn't been for the support of the local mother's group I am apart of, as well as the other Mommy and Me meetups that I bring the girls to.  Have you ever asked yourself if you are doing this parenting thing correctly?  While I am not a new mom, I still feel like I learning things, as my girls are still young.  Now I am dealing with the terrible two's and the girls not wanting to share.  Yes, the girls are 15 months apart, but they are doing almost all the same things -- making it feel like I have twins.  And, most nights, I can't wait to lay my head on the pillow and try to get some sleep, as I am exhausted from the day's activities. 

Each week when I meet up with other moms, we always discuss how the kids are, problems we are facing with raising them, etc.  But, most importantly we continually reassure each other that there is not a right way to parent, nor a parent handbook that we can read and follow. All children are different and have to be treated differently and parented differently.  My two girls are the total opposites.  For instance, Arabella doesn't give us any problems with eating, and will eat everything we put in front of her.  While Savannah is the picky one, and only wants soup, hot dogs, mac and cheese, tomatoes, pickles and ham and eggs.  If we put other things in front of her, she always says "No try" and walks away.  So, dinner time in our house is stressful.  Other moms have shared recipes for foods they make for their picky eaters, as well as remind me that she will grow out of this, and that even if she doesn't eat, she will not go hungry.

Each day brings new things and more stress.  But, with the support of other moms who are going through what I am, or have gone through it, this reassurance really helps to make our days more manageable and bearable.  And, now that there are a few new moms in our group with newborns or babies on the way, I love how I can share insight into things, talk on baby gear that has worked and not worked for my girls, and what to expect with a new baby.  When I see them breathing a little easier after I reassure them it will be ok, and that they are not the only ones feeling overwhelmed, it makes me feel good, in turn, knowing that I can help them, and repay the other moms who have helped me over the past few years. :-)

So, why not reach out to moms you know and share an encouraging message by sending them a JOHNSON’S® Baby “Care Card” on Facebook at  You will be surprised at the impact that it will have on a mom, who, like most of us, questions how we are doing as a mom day in and out.  For me, just knowing that there are other moms out there that can lend an ear, share tips on parenting, and remind me to breathe, makes being a parents a little easier.

"JOHNSON’S® Baby believes that every new mom deserves access to essential resources to help ensure their babies thrive.  As such, the JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES charitable platform is once again partnering with Save the Children® to offer the parenting skills and strategies needed to build a strong foundation for babies, while delivering social support and encouragement to moms along the way.

The JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES program in partnership with Save the Children® is working this year with more than 10,000 and counting children, parents and caregivers to help provide a brighter future through early childhood education.

JOHNSON’S® Baby “Care Cards” were established as a way to share positive messages of encouragement to moms across the country. Consumers nationwide can join the effort by creating and sending a digital Care Card to a special mom in their life on Facebook at

For every card sent, shared or liked, JOHNSON’S® Baby will donate $1.00 to Save the Children®, up to $150,000, to benefit early childhood education."
Even though Mother's Day is celebrated on the calendar once a year, I feel lucky enough to celebrate it every day, as a stay at home mom and cancer survivor.  I hope you were able to enjoy Mother's Day, and that it was a memorable one for you, too! :-)

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for JOHNSON's Baby. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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