Monday, May 6, 2013

Parents Get Schooled in Skylanders Giants with the new Skylanders Homework Pack -- #Giveaway

"As kids are getting ready for Summer it’s now time to put the parents to the test!

The hottest toy and game property around, Skylanders Giants has a fun activity for kids to “school” their parents on their favorite characters and introduce them to the world of Skylanders!

The Homework pack features five chapters of fun – one for every week day:

      Monday: History (Skylanders story – SSA and Giants)
      Tuesday: Science (elemental sources)
      Wednesday: Characters (character’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses)
      Thursday: Technology (practicalities of what and how to buy and play)
      Friday: Arts (to include dot-to-dot and drawing of key characters)
      Quiz sheets at the end of each chapter testing parents on what they’ve learned that day
      Reward charts to stick on the fridge door with a Skylanders sticker that children award parents once a chapter is complete successfully"

Click on the links below to access the Skylanders Homework Pack, as well as see the character cards.  Once you download and print them out, then the fun truly begins, as you children will school YOU on Sklyanders.  I showed these to my nephew this weekend, and he thought they were cool, and couldn't wait to school his parents.  While my husband plays this game with the kids, I am not a follower of the game -- I merely buy the character add ons and new games for them.  So, when the kids tried schooling me this weekend with the Skylanders Homework pack, I felt like I had missed the boat.  I guess I will be not be passing Sklyanders 101, as I received a failing grade.  However, we had a blast with the downloadable homework pack -- and, I know you will, too. 

Skylander Giants


One lucky reader will win a hard copy of the Skylanders Homework pack, along with one of the popular Skylanders characters.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I was not compensated in any way for this post. 


  1. they spyro looking one is their favorite because they said he can do so much action....

  2. My son loves Thumpback because it is one of the newest ones he has gotten

  3. My son likes Prism Break because he is cool looking.