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Mother's Day Gift Ideas -- You Haven't Tasted True Chocolate Until You Have Sampled JinJu Chocolates (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Jinju Chocolates 

I have traveled throughout the United States sampling different chocolates, as well as ordered from various artisan chocolate boutiques online.  But, I have never been impressed with the overall presentation and taste of chocolate as I was with JinJu Chocolates, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Even though I don't gamble that often, nor have been to Vegas, I can see myself going now, just to visit this chocolate boutique, which launched back in 2011 by one of the top 10 Chocolatiers in North America.  Wonder how you become a Chocolatier, let alone in the top 10, I have no idea -- but, I do know that after sampling Jin Caldwell's bonbons and truffles, I can see she really knows her stuff.  

What sets JinJu Chocolates apart from other chocolate shops is that she is passionate about creating the best handcrafted artisan chocolate in small batches (a European tradition).  The first time you bite into one of her bonbons, truffles or caramels, you can tell that Jin uses only the freshest of ingredients.  I found out that not only are the ingredients fresh, but they are also natural and sourced from seasonal local ingredients that are preservative free with their premium Swiss chocolate and exclusive Fortunato No. 4 dark chocolate from Maranon Canyon of northern Peru.  They are not messing around when it comes to sourcing and using the most natural of ingredients. 

No matter what you purchase at Jin's boutique in Las Vegas, or through her online store, know that all items are handcrafted, with the highest quality of workmanship and skill.  Jin sent along her a two-tiered box which includes her popular Akoya Collection bonbons and sea salted caramels, as well as a container of her handmade Hazelnut Sea Salt butter toffee (which was out of this world) for me to sample for my Mother' Day gift guide, and I was in awe of the box the bonbons and artisan sea salted caramels came in.  This is no ordinary chocolate box -- oh, no! Take the lid of the top to expose beautifully hand airbrushed and hand molded decorative chocolate gems.  Then, remove the top tray and the box swivels in two, exposing the bottom tier.  Simply elegant and oh so stunning.  At first, I didn't want to eat the chocolates, but also knew I had to, to see what I had been missing. :-)  Even though the box comes with a mini brochure telling you what each chocolate is, I like to go in blind and choose one, only to have to guess using my senses what the flavor is.  How about you?  Do you use the little cheat sheet cards enclosed in chocolate boxes to see what you are eating?  Or, are you like me? 

I couldn't get over how intense the flavors were.  You could actually taste the chocolate and each of the flavors.  Jin really knows how to pair the flavors, making them marry well together to create a true balanced flavor, with a smooth finish.  And, for the next few evenings after the girls went to bed, my husband and I would pour a glass of wine and take turns sampling the different JinJu Chocolates in the two-tiered sampler box she so kindly sent my way.  He, too, is a chocolate lover, and questioned what we have been eating all these years, as he had never tasted chocolate like this before.  His first reaction when trying JinJu Chocolates was, "This is how chocolate is supposed to taste." As we sampled the chocolates, we couldn't help but feel like we were being pampered with luxurious chocolates, and had to pinch ourselves to make sure it was real. :-)  And, when the last chocolate was gone, we began craving more, as we had become spoiled with this artisan chocolates.  We agreed that for our birthdays and holidays for now on, we would surprise each other with JinJu Chocolates.  With the large assortment of delectable handcrafted chocolates and seasonal offerings, it would be years before we tried each and every product of Jin Caldwell's. :-)  I am excited as Mother's Day is fast approaching, and can't wait to see what hand-crafted chocolates he ordered for us to enjoy.  

Just look at what you purchase online for JinJu Chocolates, especially for Mother's Day:

JinJu Mother's Day 32-piece Collection 

JinJu Mother's Day 12-piece Collection

JinJu Mother's Day 16-piece Tea Collection 

White Heart Box Collection 

Don't they look good?  Based on the samples I have tried so far, I know they taste as good as they look. :-)  So, what are you waiting for?  You can't call yourself a true chocolate lover until you have sampled JinJu chocolates.  And, once you do, you will wonder, like my husband and I did, what you had been eating all these years, as this handcrafted artisan chocolate is like none you have ever tried -- let's just say JinJu Chocolates is in a class of its own. :-)  I can see why so many upscale resorts, hotels and shops in Las Vegas carry JinJu Chocolates -- they are expected to deliver exceptional quality -- and, that is what you get with this award-winning chocolate, made by a master Chocolatier. :-)

Why not make this Mother's Day extra special by surprising your Mom (or yourself) with JinJu chocolates?  Use this holiday as a way to indulge in exceptional chocolates, as you satisfy your sweet tooth. :-)  I will be!

---BUY NOW---

Visit JinJu Chocolates online, and browse Jin Caldwell's assortment of artisan chocolates, European truffles, buttery toffee, luxurious bonbons, and so much more.  The hard part will be deciding what to order, as you will find yourself wanting to sample one of everything. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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