Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas -- Old World Gourmet -- Offering up a Tasty Array of Frozen Wine, Liquor, Cake and Cracker Mixes (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are you a wine lover or foodie?  If so, do I have the perfect Mother' Day gift ideas that you hint to your husband and children to get for you.  I recently stumbled across Old World Gourmet, and fell in love with their frozen "Vinolicious" wine mixers to their full line of cocktail mixes, as well as their easy to make gourmet snack and bread mixes.  Whether you like to play hostess to friends and family and have dinners and parties at your house, or you simply want a fun way to unwind with your girlfriends after crazy day with the kids, or even by yourself (don't deny that you have never craved or indulged in a glass of wine after midnight, once the kiddos and husband are fast asleep in bed).  

Leave it to Old World Gourmet to tantalize your taste buds and get you excited about cocktails with their drink mixes.  All you have to do is add your favorite vodka or red wine in most instances, along with ice (optional) -- and viola, you have a tasty cocktail or frozen drink to enjoy.  After reaching out to the folks at Old World Gourmet and telling them how excited I was to have stumbled across their website, and loved their product line, I was excited to hear that they wanted to send along a few samples for me review.  Within a few days of email exchanges, I was sent Old World Gourmet's "Blueberry Pomegranate Vino Freeze Mix, Chocolate-Tini Party in a Pitcher and Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies to try.  

The samples couldn't have come at a better time as we were having friends and family over to celebrate my recent 5 yrs. out of cancer treatment.  And, what better way to start a party, than by mixing up and offering tasty cocktails and frozen drinks.  

I loved playing bartender for the night, as it was a breeze to mix up these drink mixes.  Don't worry, you don't need to be a skilled bartender or know which liquor goes well with another, as the directions are self explanatory -- requiring one 1-2 ingredients for most drink mixes.  

Prior to the party, I made the Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies with Savannah.  We had a blast preparing these dessert bars, and loved how they made the house smell while baking.  My girls and husband are not big cream cheese fans, and when they know that there is cream cheese in something, they oftentimes pass on trying it.  But, after seeing the Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies cooling on the rack, and seeing how good they made the house smell, they were all eager to try a piece.  I planned to wait until the guests arrived, but I can't deny that my mouth wasn't watering at the mere sight of these cream cheese bars.  So, we each sampled a bar. ;-)  I have made other cream cheese bars in the past, but never with strawberries, and none were as chewy and flavorful as these were.  And, to think I only had to a few ingredients to the mix to create such a delicious dessert bar, in about 35 minutes.  Guests that night also enjoyed sampling the Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies.  And, when the plate was empty, they were all looking for seconds. Too bad I didn't have any more. :-(  But, I did make a note to buy more of the Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies mix, along with other mixes available, like the Vino By The Slice and  Chocolate Espresso Cream Cheese Chewies.

So, what did everyone think of the frozen blueberry pomegranate vino freeze and chocolate-Tini --- Let's just say that we all had smiles on our faces, and couldn't stop talking about them.  While I love chocolate and martini drinks, I have to say that my favorite was the blueberry pomegranate vino freeze.  I loved the pairing of these two flavors, and mixed with ice, they made for a tasty frozen drink.  And, like their gourmet snack and bread mixes, I also made a note to pick up and try Old World Gourmet's Peach Bellini and Lemoncillo, for upcoming summer gatherings.  Everyone can't wait to come back and see what Old World Gourmet drinks I have mixed up for them -- and, neither can I. :-)

Why not surprise Mom this Mother's Day with a sampling of drink mixes (frozen and without ice), along with gourmet bread and snack mixes?  You can make her a mixed drink to sit and relax with, or if she wants to try her luck at playing bartender, why not make it easy and buy her the Party in a Pitcher set like I was sent, for easy serving and mixing up?  Whatever you choose from Old World Gourmet, you will not be disappointed with the overall taste and ease of preparation. :-)  What are you waiting for?  Head on over to Old World Gourmet today and browse their innovate product offering now --

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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