Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Apps for Kids: New From Sago Sago -- Mini Sound Box and Forest Flyer (Review)

Disclosure: I was given promo codes to download these apps for free from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

"Toca Boca, (, the world’s leading digital toy app developer, today announced that it inked a deal with zinc Roe (, a Toronto-based studio specializing in new media for kids, to acquire the award-winning Tickle Tap apps series and the company’s 10-person development team. zinc Roe Founder Jason Krogh will serve as the CEO of the newly named studio, Sago Sago.

zinc Roe’s popular Tickle Tap apps, which encourage learning through practice and exploration, have been heralded by industry pundits, parents and kids as being innovative, creative and fun. Designed for children ages 2-4, the apps include Sound Shaker, a delightful sound toy, and Doodlecast for Kids, an app that records your voice as you draw to create short videos. Doodlecast for Kids has been featured in The New York TimesUSA Today and The Guardian and received numerous accolades including a Gold Award from the Parent’s Choice Foundation and the Editor’s Choice from Children’s Technology Review.

In addition to the Tickle Tap app series, zinc Roe’s veteran development team has created engaging websites, games and activities for kids and youth including the Emmy Award-winning Zimmer Twins, Stella and Sam Interactive Adventures, Toot and Puddle games, and the children’s site for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The first two iOS apps from Sago Sago are on deck to launch shortly.  Sago Mini Sound Box will be the first to land on May 16, with Sago Mini Forest Flyer to follow on May 23.  These playful, positive and fun digital toys are designed for young children (age 2+) and build on the natural senses of wonder, creativity and curiosity.  

Here are a few quick highlights on each as well as SNEAK PEEK VIDEO, but the true “ah-ha” moment comes from playing.  

§  Sago Mini Sound Box engages children through visuals and sound allowing them to explore at their own pace. The app features layered functionality – kids tap to create a sound, tap in different areas to get different notes, fling them around, tilt the device and see them move, tap with multiple fingers for specially-colored balls and tap and hold for a fun surprise.  Some children find themselves repeatedly tapping and holding for the fun animations while older kids will figure out how to play a little tune like a piano.
§  Sago Mini Forest Flyer sends children on an adventure of guiding a bird to different areas on the screen to uncover fun animation sequences. The open-play environment allows kids to take the engagement in any direction or path – they are in control.  Some may gravitate to certain actions and watch them over and over, while others will treat it as a race to uncover as many animations as they can.  In nearly all cases, children will begin to narrate their activity."


My Thoughts:

It is hard to find apps that both my daughters can use.  Even though they are 15 months apart, many of the apps Savannah likes to play with are more advanced and hard for Bella to navigate around.  So, I am always on the lookout for fun kid-friendly apps that will keep both girls entertained -- and, I have found this in two new apps from Sago Sago.  

I was recently send promo codes to download and try out these apps for free, and this review couldn't have come at a better time, as they have been sick since last Thursday with a head cold/virus that is going around.  These apps have kept them entertained while they have been laid up on the couch.  

I tried out both apps, which have the children tap the screen to create sounds and visually appealing effects.  Arabella couldn't stop laughing, as she and Savannah moved the colored balls all the screen with their fingers.  And, if they left their fingers on the balls for a few seconds, they would pop and animals like a cat, dog and bird would appear.

Each app had different variations to them, making them fun for even the older children to enjoy, like playing the piano with the Sound Box app, etc.

Overall, the girls and I had a blast trying out these new apps, and can't wait to see what new ones from from Sago Sago.  We have been fans of Toca Boca and are now fans of these new apps.  If you are looking for a fun app to play with your little ones, that are not only fun or visually stimulating, then you will want to check out these apps.

Disclosure: I was given promo codes to download these apps for free from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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