Thursday, April 11, 2013

PBS Kids and Curious George Welcome in Spring in a Fun Way (Review)

Curious George Swings into Spring

Happy Spring! PBS KIDS and Curious George are celebrating the arrival of spring with the premiere of “Curious George Swings into Spring.” Mark your calendars, as this 1-hour special is premiering on Monday, April 22 (Earth Day!), on PBS Kids. 

One of the perks of blogging is being able to receive screener copies in advance of shows airing, to enjoy with my family.  And, this past Monday, the girls and I had an unexpected viewing party of this upcoming 1-hour Curious George special, along with an afternoon of arts and crafts and outdoor fun. Not only was the weather beautiful -- even though it was only 59 degrees here in CT, it felt like summer. :-)  The girls had a blast running around the backyard pointing to all the flowers blooming and peaking out of the ground, and helping me pick up sticks and debris that had fallen during the winter months. 

Prior to spending the afternoon outdoors, taking in the fresh air and beautiful weather, we watched Curious George Swings into Spring.  Like I have shared in the past, both of my girls are fans of Curious George.  Last year for Savannah's 2nd birthday, we brought her to the Curious George store in Cambridge, MA and let her have a mini shopping spree, where she picked out $100 worth of Curious George products.  She walked out with a handful of plush Curious George toys, a few books and a t-shirt for both her and Arabella.  

So, when Savannah saw me taking the Curious George Swings into Spring DVD out of the box, along with the various Earth Day arts and crafts activities that were included in my screener box, she couldn't help but do a happy dance.  Just look at what we got in our box from the folks at PBS Kids:

While Arabella napped, Savannah and I spent quality time coloring the Curious George Swings into Spring coloring sheet, along with making the pinwheel and getting the Curious George's Recycling Challenge ready for the family to enjoy.  

Then, when Arabella woke up, they had a picnic on the living room floor, as they watched this 1-hour special.  What a cute special!  It really got both the girls and I excited about spring, and all the things that go along with it, like planting a garden, flying a kite, and spending our days outdoors.  

This weekend, we plan to do a family craft and put together the bird feeder, that came with this fun box of goodies.  Savannah and Arabella have already chosen a tree they want to hang it from.  And, my husband is going to surprise them by getting the veggie garden ready for planting, so that they can plant the tomato seeds included in the box.

I don't know about you, but I am happy to bid farewell to winter, and am looking forward to the spring and summer, and all the memories we will be making. Thanks to PBS Kids and Curious George, the girls are also getting excited about spring and Earth Day!  So, make sure you mark your calendars and tune in to PBS Kids on April 2 to watch Curious George Swings into Spring

Disclosure:  I was sent a screener copy and Earth Day activities and supplies from the folks at PBS Kids.  However, the views above are mine and mine alone. 

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