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New Minnie & Daisy Books & Magazine from Disney Publishing (Review and Giveaway)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the folks at Disney Publishing Worldwide in order to write up an honest review.  The views I share are mine and mine alone.

 Minnie & Daisy Best Friends Forever The Pesky PetMinnie & Daisy Best Friends Forever Much Ado About Juliet

"Have you ever wondered what Minnie and Daisy’s lives were like before Mickey and Donald?  Minnie and Daisy were friends long before they met their dashing duck and magical mouse, and they went through all the trials and tribulations of growing up just like all girls do.

Now, Minnie and Daisy have their very own magazine and four chapter books that are the perfect read for tween girls who embrace school, sports, fashion, and growing up:

·         In Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine, girls will read about the power of friendship, take quizzes, do fun crafts, learn about caring for pets, read about fashion and their favorite music, and play games with their best gal pals. Surprise posters and comics are included, too! The magazine hits newsstands today at all major retail outlets nationwide for $4.99.

·         Even more fun is available through the Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. chapter book series! Two new books include “The Pesky Pet,” “Much Ado About Juliet,” “Dance Jitters,” with two additional books coming out in July.” Tween girls can read along as Minnie and Daisy get themselves in, and out, of some typical teenage situations. These titles are available for $6.99 wherever books and eBooks are sold."


I was recently sent the above 2 Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. chapter book series, along with the Minnie and Daisy magazine, all tucked inside a cute Minnie Mouse Swim Bag, thanks to the folks from the Disney Publishing Worldwide Publicity Team.  Also, included in the cute swim bag, which can be purchased at the Disney Store and Disney Store Online for only $16.50, was Minnie XOXO Lip Smacker Collection from SMACKERS, along with the new limited edition OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection, which includes four nail lacquers, to try out.  As many of you know, my girls are huge fans of Minnie and Daisy Duck, so you can only imagine how excited they were to see me pulling this swim bag out of the box.  All I could hear was "oohhhs and ahhhs" as I pulled out each item to look at and show them.  And, when I was done pulling out the nail polish collection, they waited patiently to see what item from the "treat bag" as they called it, I would hand to them.  

Even though my daughters are too young to read on their own, they do enjoy sitting on the couch or in their favorite Minnie Mouse chairs, and flipping through books.  Savannah loves to "read" to Arabella by pointing to the different illustrations and making up her own story.  These are some of the best parts of being a parent -- as I get to sit back and watch the girls interact with one another, and see how they get creative with their storytelling.  The pure innocence of their lives is so refreshing to see, and really makes you feel good, especially as a mom -- as we constantly question our parenting skills, right? :-)  Well, to keep the peace, I ended up handing the two Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. chapter book series to them to look at.  I couldn't believe how excited they got as they flipped through these chapter books, which are filled with colorful illustrations, which really bring the story to life, and keep young readers engaged.  The girls ended up spending close to an hour reading through their books, and then switching off to read the other's books.  When they were done, they brought their new Minnie and Daisy B.F.F. books over to me and said, "Done. More please."  So, I took the Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine to share with them.  

As we sat on the couch, the girls took turns pointing out Minnie and Daisy on each page, as well as other popular Disney characters they saw.  This magazine ended up being Savannah's favorite, which she can't get enough out.  She will take it everywhere she goes in-house and when we run errands.  Just this evening, I caught her relaxing on the couch before bed flipping through the Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine.  Right now Savannah has the Disney Junior Magazine subscription, but I just signed her up for the Disney Fairies Magazine, to surprise her for her upcoming birthday. 

Even thought the Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. chapter book series and Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine are geared towards tweens, the youngest of Minnie and Daisy fans will go crazy flipping through these, or having your read to them.  :-)  And, while my girls are enjoying these gifts from Disney Publishing, I get to pamper myself with the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection nail lacquer and Minnie XOXO Collection Lip Smackers from SMACKERS.  As for the swim bag, I will definitely be picking up another bag so each of the girls' will have one and can fill with their Disney bathing suits, beach towels and beach gear, and head to the beach in style this summer. 

Do you have a Minnie and/Daisy fan in your house?  If so, you will want to check out Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. chapter book series and Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine, along with the limited edition makeup from SMACKERS and nail lacquer from OPI.  Or, spoil yourself this Mother's Day by asking for the limited edition makeup and nail polish. :-)


Thanks to the folks at Disney Publishing Worldwide, one lucky reader will win the Minnie Mouse Swim Bag, the two  Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. chapter book series and Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine.  To enter this giveaway, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the folks at Disney Publishing Worldwide in order to write up an honest review.  The views I share are mine and mine alone.

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