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Mother's Day Gift Ideas -- Made in the USA -- The "Best Drying Rack" You Will Ever Try (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Best Drying Rack

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Now you are probably going to think I am crazy, suggesting a clothing drying rack for a Mother's Day gift.  I can just hear you now, "Come on, Robin.  I clean and do laundry every day. Why would I want a clothes drying rack as a Mother's Day gift?"  You are probably also thinking that if you ask for a drying rack, that you family will expect you do more frequent washes just to use the rack. But, hear me out. :-)

I dont' know about you, but the only time I seem to have some quiet time or the kids not bothering me is when I am in the laundry room doing the putting a load of laundry or, or folding the dried clothes.  My husband is not a fan of laundry, so he usually watches the girls while I am in the laundry room.  Don't tell him, but I find doing laundry therapeutic.  There is something about smelling the nice freshly laundered clothes, especially when they are still hot out of the dryer.  And, I love to fold clothes.  Yes, I am probably off my rocker, but I am guessing there are others out there who find doing laundry fun, and not a chore.  Speak up or forever hold your peace. :-)

So, when I was approached last month by Julie, co-owner of the Best Drying Rack, which she creates by hand with her husband, I got excited.  Not only did I want to try out their clothes drying rack firsthand, but I knew it would be a great addition to my Mother's Day gift guide, because there are other moms out there who like to do laundry, or this could be an excuse others could use for extra "me time."  Either way, using this product would be a win-win for all. :-)

You are probably wondering what makes this drying rack so great, right?  Watch this short video to see how the "Best Drying Rack" works. It is unlike the racks that you can get at the big box stores -- it is better!

All drying racks are USA made, with USA pieces -- and are built to last.  The product line includes the round wooden clothes drying rack, a heavy-duty outdoor umbrella clothesline that holds many loads of laundry, and a hand laundry washing kit to help make washing even the most dirty clothes easy. 

Umbrella ClotheslineHand Clothes Washing Kit

The clothes drying rack sent to me for review, came at a great time.  I think the mail carrier knows when I am doing laundry, as he always rings the doorbell for a signature, etc.  I was just taking a load of laundry out of the wash and placing in the dryer when the drying rack arrived.  So, I used this opportunity to try out the track.  I was first impressed with how sturdy the rack was, and how well made it was.  It was not flimsy by any means.  And, after reading the 1-sided directions on how to open and close the drying rack properly, I was ready to go.  I ended up putting the drying rack on my back porch, as it is right off the laundry room.  We have been having warmer temps here in New England (around 67 degrees), making it great air drying weather. :-)

Clothes Drying Rack

I couldn't believe how much clothes I was able to put on the drying rack to dry -- 1 entire load.  In the end, when I folded the dried clothes, it filled a whole laundry basket.  And, since trying out, this has been my go-to option for drying clothes.  I always preferred air drying clothes, as I hate it when the dryer shrinks t-shirts and other clothes.  On the few occasions when my husband does laundry, he throws everything in the dryer, including jeans -- which end up shrinking.  But, now, I have the laundry drying rack set up on the back porch, and when either him or I are ready to dry clothes, we use this rack.  

drying rack with towels

This drying rack came in extremely useful when it came time to do spring cleaning and wash and dry the winter sheets and comforters, along with the winter sweaters.  Instead of trying to find flat surfaces to hang the items to dry, I was able to get everything on the rack to dry.  And, in one afternoon, everything was dry and not stretched out. :-)  I am so glad I had the opportunity to try out the "Best Drying Rack," and can say that it is really the "Best Drying Rack" I have ever tried. I am not going to back to the old, clumsy store-bought one.  :-)

If you like to give unique gifts for special occasions, why not considering giving the "Best Drying Rack?"  You can even hang your flowers on it! Just think of the possibilities and ways this sturdy drying rack can be used! :-)

---BUY NOW---

Umbrella Clothesline

Head on over to to order the "Best Drying Rack" for only $79.00.  Each drying rack is made with all USA parts and is built to last. It is based on an antique design, and will make for a great Mother's Day gift -- which will last years to come. And, don't forget about the Umbrella clothesline and laundry cleaning kit, also available on the site for purchase.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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