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Mother's Day Gift Ideas -- Helzberg’s Exclusive New INFINITY X INFINITY Jewelry Collection (Review and Interview with Award-Winning Jewelry Designer, Udi Behr)

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views I share are mine and mine alone.


"Is one day a year really enough to celebrate and honor mothers and their infinite, unconditional love? We certainly don’t think so! This Mother’s Day, Helzberg Diamonds wants to help you give Mom something to remind her every day, not just on Mother’s Day, how much she means.

Helzberg’s exclusive new INFINITY X INFINITY jewelry collection, inspired by ABC Television’s prime time hit series “Revenge” and lead character Emily Thorne and her father’s mantra, “I love you infinity times infinity,” provides the perfect way to share that special love — with some sparkle, too! 

Created by award-winning jewelry designer Udi Behr, the collection emphasizes the double infinity insignia, symbolizing infinite love, and with a robust collection ranging in price from $49.99 to $1,299, it offers the perfect gift on any budget this Mother’s Day.

So, as you consider the best gift to give Mom — or hints to drop for your own Mother’s Day gift — don’t forget to check out Helzberg’s INFINITY X INFINITY collection, available at and in Helzberg Diamonds’ stores nationwide."


Now, I am not a fashion guru by any stretch of the imagination, nor could I sit down and carry on a conversation about new fashion and accessory lines and the famed designers behind them.  But, there are a few designers, who have caught my eye over the years, and who I like to follow and keep up-to-date on their collections.  And, back in 2008 when faced with my cancer diagnosis, I put together a Bucket List of things I wanted to do after I beat my stage 2 cancer.  All through treatment, as well as afterwards, I would scribble down things that came to mind, that I wanted to do during my lifetime.  Many were doable, while others were out there, as a way for me to strive to achieve more out of life, and try or do things I otherwise wouldn't.  One of the things I scribbled down on my list one day during chemo treatment was to interview a famed designer (this was before all those runway shows appeared became popular on television).  The reason for adding this to my Bucket List was that I had been working as a virtual assistant for a handful of wedding vendors during 2006-2008, and seeing their inspiration boards for brides, peaked my interest in fashion and jewelry.  I had just gotten off of a Skype chat with one of my client's, and she was telling me about one bride's love for the hit show, True Blood, and how she wanted to incorporate this into her wedding theme.  I had never seen the show, but when she told me it was about vampires, I tried to imagine what the wedding would look like.  Then, the client sent me an inspiration board that not only made me sit up and take notice, but also turned me onto this show.  I used my recovery time to watch all the episodes from this popular show.  And, then in Dec. 2009, my then client and now dear friend surprised me with the Infinity Hoop Earrings from Udi Behr's Love Peace and Hope "True Blood Jewelry Collection.  The earrings were amazing!   I especially loved how the jewelry designer used the Rubies as a representation for the vampires passion for blood. 

Fast forward almost five years, and not only have I added another Udi Behr piece to my "infinity" collection, but I am able to cross off an item on my Bucket List, that I thought would be unachievable.  Not only was I recently asked to review Helzberg’s INFINITY X INFINITY collection as part of my Mother's Day Gift Guide (of which I chose the popular Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver, but I was also given the opportunity to interview the award-winning jewelry designer, Udi Behr.  I still have to pinch myself as I write this, as I can't believe it happened. 

Below is my interview with Udi Behr, where he shares more about his inspiration for the new Revenge Infinity collection exclusively at Helzberg Diamonds, as well as future projects and more.  

Q and A with Award-Winning Jewelry Designer, Udi Behr:

designer jewelry, udi behr

Q: How long does it take to design a piece/collection?  What is your process in creating a collection, especially one for a popular show like True Blood or Revenge?
A: When I design for any show, whether True Blood, or Revenge I look for the sole of the show. In the case of True Blood, I used the Infinity symbol to represent the endless life that vampires live and rubies to represent blood. In the case of Revenge, the double Infinity represents the never ending love between a father and a daughter that is the core of the show and the drive of the main character, Emily. There is no set time on how long it takes to design a collection, it all depends on inspiration.

Q: What gives you the most pleasure in your career as a jewelry designer?
A: As a rule I don’t like using the word “most”. There are many pleasures I derive from designing jewelry. Some designs are about aesthetics, some are about a message, some are for philanthropy. I have a very simple phrase by which I live “Look good Do good”.

Q: Where do you look for inspiration?
A: I wish I had a place where I could look for inspiration, but what I learnt over the years is that inspiration looks for me. It can be a book, a movie, a person, a cause or an event. So actually, anything can inspire me at any given time.

Q: Who would be your dream person to see wearing your jewelry?
A: I am very fortunate that many celebrities honored me by wearing my jewelry, but for me, any person that buys my jewelry and feels the message I try to convey, is a dream person.

Q: What are some new pieces you are working on now?  Any sneak peeks into future collections/projects?
A:  I am always working on some new projects. On my list I currently have two new exciting projects: “Dancing with the Stars” and the Japanese character “Domo”.


It was so nice to hear directly from the jewelry designer, how the new Revenge Infinity collection exclusively at Helzberg Diamonds came out.  While I still love True Blood, I have also become a fan of Revenge, and love how this shows uses the double infinity insignia to represent neverending love.

Being a fan of the infinity symbol and Udi Behr's prior work with the symbol in the True Blood collection, I could only imagine how breathtaking the Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver  would be up close -- and, it was.  Just look how beautiful it is:

 INFINITY X INFINITY™ Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver

You don't have to be a fan of Revenge to appreciate the beauty of the top selling Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver, along with the other pieces in the INFINITY X INFINITY jewelry collection. And, while many pieces in the collection are expensive, there are a handful that will not break the bank, including the Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver, Diamond Earrings in Sterling Silver and  Pendant in Sterling Silver -- all of which are all under $100.00.  

INFINITY X INFINITY™ Diamond Earrings in Sterling SilverINFINITY X INFINITY™ Pendant in Sterling Silver

So, with Mother's Day right around the corner, why not surprise your Mom or hint to your children about the INFINITY X INFINITY jewelry collection exclusively at Helzberg Diamonds?  The pendants and earrings would be a great way to share how you feel about those you hold near and dear to you, by  saying “I love you infinity times infinity!"

Infinity x Infinity

About Award-Winning Jewelry Designer, Udi Behr:

"Udi Behr, an award-winning jewelry designer, is a native of Israel who lived through three wars determined to create things of beauty and promote peace. After learning his trade in the Tel Aviv diamond industry, Udi’s fame as an original designer took off upon his arrival in New York City in 1983.

Udi has won acclaim everywhere, from The New York Times to People Magazine for his iconic loveandpride jewelry, including Designer of the Year honors from Luxury Magazine and the Matthew Shepard Foundation’s Essential Piece Award, recognizing his continued support for the LGBT community in the workplace and beyond.  His jewelry collections have been showcased in leading retail stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Fortunoff's and Macy's, and worn by celebrities including Elton John, Ringo Star, Jay Leno, Gwen Stefani, Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Stone, Paula Abdul, Ludacris and Paris Hilton."

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views I share are mine and mine alone.


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