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Disclosure: Baskin-Robbins provided me with a sample in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Colorful and Festive Ladybug and Bumblebee Cakes Add Flair to Innovative Cake Lineup

"Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, is “abuzz” with excitement as it announced today a special lineup of ice cream cakes to celebrate the spring season. The new Ladybug Cake and Bumblebee Cake - both bright and colorful on the outside and delicious on the inside – are festive additions to Baskin-Robbins’ lineup of whimsical and inventive ice cream cakes. 

·         Ladybug Cake – For any dessert table in need of a little extra fun, this spotted friend is absolutely adorable and is the perfect companion with a guest’s favorite ice cream flavor.

·         Bumblebee Cake – Featuring delectable chocolate wafers and a smile so sweet it won’t sting, this treat is sure to be the buzz of any party. 

 “Baskin-Robbins is known for its innovative ice cream cake designs and we had so much fun creating these that we are delighted to introduce guests to our new Ladybug and Bumblebee Cakes,” said Stan Frankenthaler, Baskin-Robbins Executive Chef and Vice President of Innovation at Dunkin’ Brands. “These new spring-inspired cakes will not only delight ice cream lovers, but will also serve as eye-catching centerpieces that bring this season to life at any family occasion or celebration.”

Available now at participating Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide, the Ladybug and Bumblebee Cakes can be customized with a guest’s favorite ice cream and cake flavor combination. Guests can choose from any of their favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors for the cake including the April Flavor of the Month, Jamoca® Heath® ice cream, which features Baskin-Robbins’ Jamoca® coffee ice cream with Heath® English Toffee candy pieces.

For more information about Baskin-Robbins’ frozen treats and its Ladybug and Bumblebee Cakes, visit or follow us on Facebook ( or on Twitter ("

 My Thoughts:

One of the things I miss most about not living in MA anymore is being able to stop in and enjoy either a fresh cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee or switch it up with a rich, creamy ice cream cone from Baskin-Robbins.  Within a half hour from where I grew up there are three Dunkin Donuts/Baskin-Robbins shops.  We used to have one here in Putnam, CT, but they closed the Baskin Robbins portion a few weeks after we moved into our new home -- go figure! :-)  But, whenever I get a chance to bring the girls to visit my parents, I try and make a pit stop on the way there, or on the way home to CT to enjoy a single scoop strawberry cone.  Mmm, I am getting hungry just thinking about it.  And, whenever a special occasion rolls around like a birthday or now Mother's Day, I this as an excuse to have to pick up an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. :-)  

Are you and family fans of ice cream cakes?  If so, have you tried one from Baskin-Robbins?  If not, you really do have to give their frozen treats a try.  What I love best about their ice cream cakes is that you can either have an ice cream cake, or an ice cream cake with a bottom layer of actual cake, like Devil's Food Cake. :-)  Baskin-Robbins is known for offering up seasonal ice cream cakes, and this Spring is no different.  Right now,  if you visit your local Baskin-Robbins you can pick up either  a Ladybug or Bumblee Ice cream cake from their take and go freezers.  Want to customize it with your favorite ice cream flavor, or add a cake layer -- not a problem.  Just call them up and tell them what you want and when you want to pick it up.  They can have it ready for you oftentimes with 24-48 hours.  

A few days before the marathon, I took the girls to visit my parents and stopped in to pick up the Bumblebee cake I had customized -- with vanilla ice-cream and a layer of Devil's Food Cake.  The girls had no idea what we were stopping for.  As soon as they saw the lady bringing the cake out from the back, Savannah said, "Mom, look -- Bumblebee, Bumblebee."  "Bumblebee" is one of her new words, so I thought it would be nice to get this cake, and see what her reaction was.  The girls thought we were going to sit in the store in eat it, as they included spoons in the carry out bag.  I told them they would have to sit tight and wait until we got to Nana and Papa's to try it out.

After feeding the girls lunch, I didn't think they would have room for the ice cream cake.  But, with their sharp mind, they remembered me telling them they could have a slice if they ate their lunch.  As they followed me out to the kitchen, Savannah kept pointing to the freezer, where I had put the ice cream, and then looked at me and said, "Please, Bumblebee?"  How could I say, "No." :-)

I am not going to be cruel and describe in detail just how great this ice cream cake was.  All I will say is that out of all the ice cream shops around, my heart is still with Baskin-Robbins -- even if I have to draw almost 2 hours to get to one. :-)  And, come Savannah's birthday, she will have a specially made cake from the local bakery, as well as an ice-cream cake from Baskin-Robbins.  We can't help it, as it has become tradition to offer up the ice cream cake alongside the birthday cake. :-)  Let's just say the guests always leave with a smile on their face, chocolate on their shirts, and a happy belly. :-)

So, with spring in full swing, why not surprise your family with either the Ladybug or Bumblebee ice cream cake from your local Baskin-Robbins?  You really do have to see these ice cream cakes up close, as they are just too cute.  :-)

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About Baskin-Robbins

Named the top ice cream and frozen dessert franchise in the United States by Entrepreneur magazine’s 31st annual Franchise 500® ranking, Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops. Baskin-Robbins creates and markets innovative, premium hard scoop ice cream and soft serve, custom ice cream cakes and a full range of beverages, providing quality and value to consumers at nearly 7,000 retail shops in nearly 50 countries. Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts whose passion led to the creation of more than 1,000 ice cream flavors and a wide variety of delicious treats. In 2012, more than 13 million ice cream cakes were sold in Baskin-Robbins shops worldwide. For the full-year 2012, Baskin-Robbins' shops had global franchisee-reported sales of approximately $1.9 billion. Headquartered in Canton, Mass., Baskin-Robbins is part of the Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: DNKN) family of companies. For further information, visit

Disclosure: Baskin-Robbins provided me with a sample in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. Oh my goodness...aren't they just adorable too. My daughter has one near her and they go often to get their ice cream.

  2. my sister love their ice cream cakes and i think i will get her one of these for her next birthday!