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Last Minute Easter Gift Ideas -- Non-sters by Sassy (Review and #Giveaway)


"There’s a lot of love, but nothing scary about a new line of toys from Sassy, Inc.:  Non-sters.  They are lovable, silly, interactive and impish monster-like characters designed to help baby learn and develop.  Each cuddly critter offers colors, textures, sounds, high contrast patterns and more to stimulate baby’s senses and encourage exploration.  Even teaching baby the non-sters names is a learning experience. They were actually named by infants, using the first sounds babbled by babies all around the world.  Each Non-ster has it’s own wonderful, whimsical baby-like personality traits.   A sneak preview of the line has resulted in four Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Awards!  

Terry Teethers

Non-sters Plush Plus:
            These lovable little monsters are soft and cuddly and perfect for infants beginning at birth. Each comes with a classic Sassy rattle or teether that reflects the character’s personality and helps baby develop and grow.  Suggested retail price is $9.99 for each 8-inch Plush Plus Non-ster. 

Sassy Non-sters™ La-Lee Plush Plus Quick Information

·         la-lee™:  lemon colored and always reaching for objects to explore, la-lee has a happy little song in his heart as he works tirelessly to pull himself up to standing.  Made of soft yellow terrycloth, la-lee has textured circles on his tummy that baby will love to touch.  Baby will delight in exploring the textures on la-lee’s satiny tuft of hair, perky little ears,  three – count them three – feet and long, springy arms.  This little Non-ster comes with a Sassy Circle Rattle that makes a soft sound when shaken and features textured ridges for little hands and mouths to explore.  The rattle’s high-contrast polka dot ball and colorful beads rattling in the handle’s clear chamber stimulate baby’s visual development.   Gently shake la-lee near baby’s ear and watch her turn toward the rattling sound.

Sassy Non-sters™ Ci-Ci Plush Plus Quick Information

·         ci-ci™:  This tiny dancer twirls and leaps through her day.  Made of soft deep pink plush, ci-ci is never without her satiny pink ballet slippers or her ruffled  tutu.  Baby will love to touch and explore her silky slippers and soft fluffy fur.  ci-ci is always twirling and so she comes with the perfect toy:  a mini baton with a purple polka-dotted ball on one end and a green polka-dotted ball on the other.  A thin pink center bar with chewable, touchable bumps makes a perfect handle for tiny hands to grasp.  It rattles softly when shaken.  Baby will want to touch and mouth ci-ci’s green and white striped pigtails and finger her tiny bows.  Make ci-ci dance and spin and watch baby follow her rattling sound and bright colors.

Sassy Non-sters™ Choo-Chew Plush Plus Quick Information

·         choo-chew™:  choo-chew loves to chew!  Never without his bib, and ever eager to use his new tooth, choo-chew is always ready for a healthy snack.  All those great nutrients make for a tall monster and one who is very good at sports.  His high-contrast black and white checkerboard tummy will capture the developing vision of a young infant. His red fur is also good for infant vision:  The red hue spectrum is among the first that baby can see.  choo-chew’s blue and green terrycloth bib encourages baby to explore and teethe and a clear plastic pocket invites investigation.  He comes with a string of teething veggies that crinkle, rattle and squeak when baby handles them.
 Sassy Non-sters™ Ba-Bee Plush Plus Quick Information

·         ba-bee™:  Made of bright blue wide-wale corduroy, ba-bee is always in motion.  He is attracted to anything with wheels – he even carries a set of Sassy baby keys wherever he goes.  Always on the go-go-go, ba-bee’s favorite phrase is “wheee”!  A black and white striped pocket offers a high-contrast pattern to attract baby’s attention and it is a handy place to stow his keys.  Baby will want to explore the row of hairs on top of ba-bee’s head, his shiny fabric ears, the stiff felt fringe down his sides, and his striped fabric arms and feet.  Ba-bee makes a soft, rattling sound with even the slightest movement.  His keys click-clack when shaken.  Watch even very young infants turn toward the sound.  Let baby touch and teethe on the key’s textures.  ba-bee is very proud:  He was recently named an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal winner.

Sassy Non-sters™ Bumpee Plush Plush Quick Information

·         bumpee™:  This giggly monster has two new teeth!  He is very proud of his pearly whites and seems to be on the verge of getting more, since teethers are his favorite toys.  Just like bumpee, your little monster may be putting everything in his mouth.  This exploration begins at about 3 months and it a real learning phase.  It is a great way for baby to explore, since there are more receptors in the mouth than anywhere else in the body.  Stimulating the tongue and mouth help baby prepare to form words.  Baby will want to explore bumpee’s bumpy teethers to learn more about his world while finding soothing relief from teething.  The teethers – one orange and the other green – can be refrigerated for added comfort.  A twisty sprig of hair on the top of bumpee’s head and his eight high-contrast polka-dot arms and legs invite teething.  bumpee’s touchable tummy is a satiny, yellow circle with a purple swirl in the middle.
 Sassy Non-sters™ Buppy-Uppy Plush Plus Quick Information

·         buppy-uppy:  Arms outstretched, this fuzzy little green guy likes to be the center of attention and is always calling out, “up” to be lifted above the crowd.  Buppy-uppy has soft green fur and a tummy made of smooth black fabric with high-contrast white polka dots.  Plush blue feet, soft green hands, a long fuzzy tail with blue felt scales, pointy fabric ears and a sprig of orange hair encourage touching and teething.  Listen: Even slight movements make buppy-uppy softly rattle.  It is fitting that he comes with a bumblebee teether.  buppy-uppy wants to soar in adult’s arms just like the little bee sails through the sky above us.  Refrigerate for cool comfort to baby’s sore gums. 

Sassy Non-sters™ Buppy-Uppy Book Quick InformationSassy Non-sters™ Ba-Bee Book Quick InformationSassy Non-sters™ Chime n' Chew La-Lee Quick InformationSassy Non-sters™ Bo-Bo Activity Ball Quick Information

      Non-sters Plush Plus are part of a new line of Non-sters products from Sassy that includes three electronic Non-sters – larger versions of ci-ci, buppy-uppy and la-lee – with extra sounds and effects; interactive infant story books, attachable toys, bibs, cups and more.  Look for Non-sters Plush Plus and Non-sters Electronic now.

Sassy Non-sters™ Buppy Uppy Electronic Plush Quick InformationSassy Non-sters™ Ci-Ci Electronic Plush Quick InformationSassy Non-sters™ La-Lee Electronic Plush Quick Information

            Non-sters are available exclusivelyat Target stores nationwide.  Sassy Non-sters have their own free downloadable app for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch devices designed specifically with activities suitable for babies 6 months and older and an information section to help parents encourage baby’s development through play.  Find the Non-sters app at the App Store under Sassy® Non-sters™."

 My Thoughts:

I love it when I can get toys that both Savannah and Arabella enjoy playing with together, even though they are 15 months.  While it looks like Arabella is trying to play catch up to Savannah, as she started walking at 9 months and is already forming 2-3 words sentences at 16 months, I try to slow her aging process, so that she can enjoy being little. ;-)  With that being said, I jumped at the opportunity to review a new line of products from Sassy called Non-sters with the girls.  What are Non-sters you ask?  They are these cute, cuddly critters, sold exclusively at Target, that provide hours of fun for little ones (especially babies).  Each Non-ster is brightly colored, has varying textures to touch and look at, and sounds to keep little ones engaged and entertained.  I have always been a fan of sensory toys for the girls, and went crazy buying them for Savannah when she was born.  But, I found that she only took to a couple that have a variety of stimulating textures and sounds.  But, I have to say, none were as cute as these new Non-sters from Sassy.

I was given the opportunity to review the Non-Sters Ci-Ci Lullaby and Lights, Non-Sters La-Lee Discovery Spots and Non-Sters Bumpee toys with the girls, and couldn't wait to see what they thought of them.  Within a few days of putting in my request, our new Non-ster pals arrived at our doorstep.  I knew that Arabella would love them, but I had no idea how much fun Savannah, who is 31 months old, had with them, too.  The Ci-Ci Lullaby and Lights Non-ster was their favorite, as the heart lit up and played music.  Arabella makes a point to grab this toy each night when we tell her to choose a toy to go to bed with.  And, as she lays there, she will push the plush toy's belly, to hear the soothing lullaby music, as she looks at the changing light colors.  This is one soothing toy that actually helps to relax her come bedtime.  It is also soft enough that I don't have to worry about hard bodies or large plastic pieces (besides the light up heart) that she could roll over on.

And, if you have been following my blog, then you know that Arabella has finally begun teething again, and is breaking in 4 teeth on the top, all at once, and a third tooth on the bottom.  For the longest time, she only had her two bottom teeth - so, we knew that when she would begin teething again, it would be rough for her.  And, boy is it -- with diaper rashes, rosy cheeks with breakouts, fever, and irritability. As a result, I am making a point to have water-filled teethers in the freezer at all times, to pull out at any given moment -- day or night.  With that being said, I was personally excited to have her try and play with the bumpee Non-ster, as it comes with two plastic teethers with different bumby textures to help sooth and comfort teething babies/infants/toddlers.  When I had originally saw the bumpee toy on the Sassy website, it reminded me of Arabella, with her two teeth. :-)  When Arabella is not hugging this cute Non-Ster, she is nibbling away at the teethers it came with.  Savannah has even got in on the fun, as she wanted to see why Arabella loved the water-filled teethers so much. :-)

The La-Lee Discovery Spots plush toy was Savannah's favorite as it made funny sounds when you push the different discovery spots on its body.  Each and every time she hears these funny sounds, she can't help but laugh and smile.  She loves showing Arabella cause and effect with this toy.  Savannah will sit next to Arabella and tell her, push here and listen.  Then, she will let Arabella push one of the spots to activate a sound.  She follows up by saying, "See, you push and make sound."  Arabella always smiles back and continues to push the spots, to giggle alongside her big sister.

Overall, I am pleased with the selection on Non-sters from Sassy, and will definitely be picking up more of these cute, interactive plush toys for Arabella, as well as to give as baby shower gifts.  They are great for interacting with and imaginative play for little ones, and will be continually played

So, if you are looking for fun, educational toys that are great stimulators for little ones this Easter, why not check out the new line of Non-sters from Sassy at your local Target store?  They are all reasonably priced and exceptionally made.  You and your little ones will love them.  The hard part will be deciding which ones to take home -- that is if you don't buy them all. ;-)

 Sassy Non-sters™ Bumpee Plush Plush Quick Information
Thanks to the folks at Sassy, Inc., one lucky reader will win the new Non-sters bumpee™ toy to share with their little one.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


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