Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas -- Sprout Character T-shirts for Toddlers and Kids (Review)

If you have little ones and subscribe to cable television, then you probably watch Sprout TV.  And, if you do, your little ones probably have a few favorite Sprout characters.  For my girls, they love Chica and Star.  We start every morning with the Sprout Wake Up Show, and end our days with the Goodnight Show with Nina and Star.

Star and Lucy Kids Dark T-Shirt

So, when I recently visited the Shop Sprout website and saw that they offered a collection of Sprout characters products including t-shirts (for toddlers through adults), water bottles, ipad Case covers, canvas tote bags, etc., I had to reach out and see about reviewing and sharing more about their toddler and children's t-shirts, which are made through  I thought these shirts would be a great last minute Easter basket idea, and would put a smile on your child's faces.

Do you children love the Pajanimals?  If so, Sprout also offers these t-shirts for fans:
Peppy Pajanimals Kids Light T-ShirtPainting Pajanimals Kids Light T-Shirt

I know two little girls who would love the Cowbella Toddler t-shirt. :-)  How about you?

Cowbella Toddler T-Shirt

Within a few days of requesting samples, I received three Sprout t-shirts to have the girls review.  I was going to wait until Easter to surprise them with the t-shirts, and share stock photos of the shirts in advance with you.  But, they saw me taking the t-shirts out of the box to look at -- and, began yelling out "Chica" and "Star."  So, there was no way I could hide them and expect them to forget about the t-shirts.  Their memory is as good, if not better than mine, as they recall things from last week and longer. :-)

Before I could help the girls take off the shirts they were wearing, Savannah was already naked, and helping Arabella undress.   So much for patience, huh?  Savannah chose the 100% cotton Chica Hoop Toddler t-shirt she wanted, and gave Arabella the Chica Cowboy toddler t-shirt.

Chica Cowboy Toddler T-Shirt Chica Hoop Toddler T-Shirt

I guess this is the perks of being the big sister, huh? :-)  Here are a few photos I took of the Savannah wearing her new Sprout t-shirts available through the Sprout Store and, along with a photo of what Arabella's white t-shirt looked like after being soaked to remove stains and washed (still looks brand new):

If you are still looking for that last minute gift to add to your child's Easter basket, maybe these t-shirts are just what you having been looking for?  And, at only $10.99-$19.99 for most t-shirts, you can't go wrong.  Savannah ended up wearing her t-shirt to bed, while I had to soak Arabella's as she spilled her dinner on it.  But, when I did wash them the next morning, I was happy to see the designs stayed intact without running or fading.  I think my girls have new favorite t-shirts now! :-)


Click here to visit the Sprout Shop and see the different t-shirts, water bottles, etc. available for purchase, with some of your child's favorite Sprout TV characters, including the Pajanimals, Caillou, Sprout, Noodle and Doodle, Chica and Star --

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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