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Feature Friday -- Twiddlepup, a Therapeutic Product for the Eldery (Review and Giveaway)

A few months  ago I shared a Spotlight on Mom post with you, with Margaret Light, one of the co-founders of BeauLily.  If you missed my interview with Margaret, click here to read it now --

Today, I wanted to share my personal experience in having my grandmother, who is now in a nursing home due to Alzheimer's, try out BeauLily's TwiddlePup. Like I said back with my Spotlight Mom post, I stumbled across BeauLily and the TwiddlePup when looking for therapeutic products to share with my grandmother.  And, once I saw this cute therapeutic TwiddlePup, and other BeauLily products, I had to reach out to Margaret, and have her share her story, as I know many readers have parents and grandparents who may benefit from her product line.

Margaret was kind enough to send along the TwiddlePup for me to share with my grandmother, and I was eager to share it with her and see what she thought.  It took a while to get the TwiddlePup to my grandmother, as either she was sick, or the girls were sick and I didn't want to pass or pick up germs.  But, I finally made it up to see my grandmother last weekend, and spent a few hours with her.  When I showed her the TwiddlePup, she smiled.  Since placing her in a nursing home over 5 years ago, we have seen her digress at a rapid pace, to the point where she has a collection of stuffed animals she believes are her children, and will hold and rock.  This is one of the toughest things to see when my family and I go to visit, as she is not the same person we remember, as the Alzheimer's and old age have set in.  Gone are the days where we would visit her in her home in Boston and enjoy her fresh baked Italian cookies and pasta.  Gone are the days that we watch her knit or sew beautiful sweaters and outfits for us.  Gone are the days that we simply sit and enjoy hearing stories about my father and uncles, and how she raised her five sons.  But, even though these days are gone, the memories are still fresh in my mind, and ones I hold near and dear to me.  So, even though she may not know who we are anymore, it is important that my family and I cherish the time we have left with her.  

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I spent 12+ years in the health education field, where I became a certified Alzheimer's educator, and helped run a support group for caregivers and family of Alzheimer's patients.  It amazed me how many cases of Alzheimer's diagnosis were being seen, and how many people were looking for support to help get them through this difficult and tiring diagnosis.  My family tried our hardest to keep my grandmother in her mom, but once she started forgetting who she was and how to get home from trips to the local market, we thought it would be best to find an accredited nursing home, that could provide around the clock care for her.  What I love most about the nursing home that she is in, is that they offer daily activities that are meant to keep Alzheimer's patients minds working.  Usually in the AM is when my grandmother is at her sharpest, and on occasion will know who we are when visit.  And, during this time, she is also busy working her hands with puzzles, and other activities that utilize hand-eye coordination.  Because of her love of these activities, I knew she would love the TwiddlePup, when she saw it.

I didn't have to tell her how to use the TwiddlePup when I handed it over to her.  After checking out all the therapeutic components to it, she sat there talking to me about her childhood and mashed up memories, while she twiddled with the beads on the string, rubbed the ribbons and even took the squishy ball in and out of the hole.  And, when she wasn't doing these activities, she would merely warm her hands in the muff of the TwiddlePup.  It was so good to see her take to the TwiddlePup.  And, when one of the nurses came in to give her medicine, she couldn't help but show it off and demonstrate all the aspects of the TwiddlePup.  The nurse thought this was a great product and said that the other residents, both in the Alzhiemer's and general wings, would benefit greatly from this product, as it would keep their hands and fingers working better.  

I couldn't believe how well my grandmother took to the TwiddlePup, and how she played with during the entire duration of my visit.  When my dad went to visit the next day, he said he found her in the community room, showing it off to other residents and letting them try it out.  Then, when they went back to her, she sat there twiddling the beads and keeping her hands busy.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to share this product from BeauLily with my grandmother, as well as spread the word with my readers about this therapeutic product line for the frail, as it really is a must-have for elderly -- both with Alzheimers and those dealing with the effects of old age, like arthritis, neuropathy, etc.  

So, if you have a parent or grandparent who would benefit from the TwiddlePup or other BeauLily products, why not pick one up today and share it with them?  I know that my grandmother is being more productive thanks to the TwiddlePup, and benefiting from its many therapeutic components.  


Click here to visit the BeauLily website, where you can learn more about the TwiddlePup and other products, as well as order one online --


One lucky reader will win a TwiddlePup, thanks to Margaret of BeauLily, to share with a family member or frail elder.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!
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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone. 

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