Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Gift Ideas -- YooHoo Easter Eggs Plush Toys from Aurora (Review)

If you follow my blog, then you know that my daughters and I love the cute YooHoo plush toys by Aurora.  So, it was only fitting that I include in their line of YooHoo Easter Eggs as part of my Easter Gift Guide.  Just look how cute these 5" plush toys are:

And, like other YooHoo friends, these Easter Egg plush toys have sound included.  Simply push on their belly's and you hear a snippet of the "Easter Parade" song, or a "Boing" sound. Each of the YooHoo plush toys are dressed as colorful and decorated Easter eggs, and are available in four bright, spring colors, including purple, green, pink and blue.

At only $9.00 each, you can't help but want to collect all four of these cute Easter Egg plush toys.  :-)  I was recently sent the purple and pink YooHoo Easter Eggs plush toys from Aurora to review, and wanted to keep them for myself -- they were that cute. :-)  But, yet again, the girls caught site of these cute plush toys, and ran over to get a better look.  Once they saw that they were YooHoo toys, they ran to their rooms, only to return with an armful each of YooHoo friends they have collected. They, then lined each of their YooHoo plush toys on the couch, and then asked if they could have the Easter Eggs.  I was planning to put them away for their Easter baskets, but couldn't resist letting them have them early. 

Knowing that these cute Aurora toys have sound, Savannah pushed on her pink Easter Egg plush toy's belly and activated the "Easter Parade" song.  As the song played, my daughters danced around the living room with their new YooHoo toys.  When it came time to take a nap, they both grabbed their new YooHoo friends and cuddled up close with them.  Even though we have only had these cute Easter Eggs plush toys from Aurora for a couple of weeks, they have already become "favorites" of my girls, and go everywhere with them.  From sitting on the couch watching a movie, to running errands with me, the girls always have their YooHoo Easter Eggs plush toys with them.

Here are just a few photos I took of the girls with their new YooHoo friends --

I especially liked the photos of my youngest daughter reading a book to her YooHoo Easter Eggs plush toy -- that is, when she wasn't giving it bear hugs. :-)

So, if you are looking for a fun Easter basket gift to surprise your child with, why not consider picking up a YooHoo Easter Eggs Plush toy?  And, at only $9.00 each, you can't go wrong. :-)

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16" BOP BUNNY BLUE - LARGE picture

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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