Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter Gift Ideas -- Mouth Watering Specialty Confections from Nassau Candy (Review)

If you are looking for tasty confections to leave in your child's Easter basket this year, or to put on in candy dishes for guests to enjoy while they wait for Easter dinner, why not consider picking up some seasonal treats from Nassau Candy?  I recently stumbled across Nassau Candy, while putting together my Easter Gift Guide, and instantly fell in love with their selection of seasonal and year-round candy. 

"Nassau Candy is a manufacturer, importer & distributor of specialty confections, gourmet foods & perishables.  They carry more than 10,000 items & are proud of their historical 97% percent fulfillment rate. You can count on Nassau Candy to have what you are looking for in stock & to deliver it to you in a timely manner. From chocolate raisins to jordan almonds, fudge to fruit slices, chocolate pretzels to hand-dipped cherries, they produce millions of pounds of candy & confections every year. All are certified Triangle K kosher. They even roast their own nuts, as well & offer a full line of trail mixes." Mmm!

After reaching out to the folks at Nassau Candy, I was excited to receive the following samples to review and include in my Easter Gift Guide: Nancy Adams Haystack Easter chocolate Bird's Nests, Milk Chocolate covered Pretzels, and Easter nonpareils

I wish you could have seen the look on my daughters' faces when they saw me arranging the candy on the platter, as we were having guests over for the evening, and I wanted to have everyone help with the sampling/reviewing of these Easter confections. It reminded me of those vampire movies, as they were licking their lips and trying hard not to salivate, as I am made then wait until everyone arrived to have a piece. But, somehow, I got distracted with the dog, and turned my back for a second. 

The next thing I knew, the girls were frantically trying to rearrange the treats on the platter to cover up the bare space where they had sampled a few. As I called their names, they turned around, only to show their chocolate beards. I asked if they had any candy, and like any big sister would, Savannah blamed the missing candy of her little sister. :-) But, the evidence of the chocolate beards didn't lie. As I wiped the chocolate away, Savannah leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Chocolate was really good, Mommy." And, as the guests arrived and began sampling the gourmet confections from Nassau Candy, I continued to hear the same compliments. Everyone agreed that the milk chocolate of the nonpareils and chocolate dipped pretzels was so rich and creamy, it left you wanting more. Out of the three popular Easter confections sent from Nassau Candy, I have to say the majority favorite was the nonpareils, as they were the first to go, and the one candy guests kept asking for more. The other two were just as tasty, and made for great candy dish treats. 

I am happy I stumbled across Nassau Candy, and was able to sample some of their gourmet sweets. Now, whenever I need party favor candies, holiday treats, or even trail mix, I begin my search at Nassau Candy. I am truly amazed at how many products they offer, and having sampled a few, know that the quality of each is fantastic. So, if you love specialty confections, why not give Nassau Candy a try. The hard part will be deciding which candies/treats to buy from their over 10,000 item inventory. 

Click here now to visit the Nassau Candy website and browse their selection of specialty confections and gourmet foods, and then call their customer service line to place your order in time to fill your child's Easter basket and the candy dishes for Easter dinner -- :-) 

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.


  1. I love a good tasting chocolate. Those pretzels look fabulous too. I had not heard of them before so thanks for reviewing

  2. Oh I have never heard of them before, but those look really good! We love fruit slices, and I bet theirs would be really good! Oh and those Easter nests are adorable!

  3. Wow, they have so many different kinds of candy and chocolate! Thanks for reviewing this company.