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Treat Your Furry Friend to a Box of Treats from Pawalla (Review)

Pawalla - Joy for Cats & Dogs

This has been a very crazy month, and one which I am looking to wrap up.  Not only have the girls and I been sick with the flu, a sinus infection and the stomach flu, but one of our rescue dogs, Abby, who began experiencing seizures last year, had a seizure, which led to her back legs becoming paralyzed.  After numerous visits to the vet, we had to make the tough decision to no pet owner wants to make, to put her down.  Abby was only 4 years old age, and held special meaning to me, as we rescued her the week before I started my cancer treatment in 2008.  I brought her with when I stayed at my parents' house when treatment started, as they were closer to Boston, and I would end up needing around the clock care.  Abby was not shining light and really helped me get through the darkest days when I wondered why I was putting my body through all the chemo and radiation treatments.  She would greet me upon my return from my treatment visits and would snuggle up next to me on the couch, give me little kisses, and show her unconditional love which always warmed my heart and put a smile on my face.  Through it all, she was there for me, and I truly appreciated her, as she was the pet therapy I needed to get me through the 5 months of treatments.  And, once I returned home from treatment to recover in my own home, she continued to keep me company and would never leave my side. 

If you follow my blog, then you know that we had another rescue dog, Manny, which we had to put down last August due to complications from years of steroid medications used to treat his skin allergies.  Even though he was 21 years old, it was still hard to say goodbye.  While Abby was looking for a buddy, Manny was not having it.  So, when December of 2008 rolled around and I had received my second clean scan, we added another rescue dog to our family, Lily.  As soon as Lily arrived home, she and Abby became inseparable.  You would have thought they were long-lost sisters.  They would sleep cuddled up together, would play outside together and even ate together. So, you can only imagine how hard it was when she saw Abby suffering, and then had to say her final goodbyes before we brought Abby to the vet for the last time. 

I know that Lily knew what had happened when I returned home without her sister.  And, for the couple of weeks that followed, she was moping around the house with the rest of us, as we mourned the loss of Abby.  Looking for a way to lift Lily's spirits, I began looking online for a gift to give her.  That is when I stumbled across Pawalla.  Pawalla "provides a monthly selection of premium, all-natural wet foods, delicious treats, healthy supplements, essentials and toys.  All foods, treats, and supplements are hand selected by their pet nutritionist based on the age and size of your cat or dog."

The kind folks at Pawalla sent me their Pawalla Mini box, which retails for only $14/month, for Lily to enjoy. 

With all the product review boxes I am sent, it is rare that I receive samples for the dogs, except for the holidays.  So, Lily was not expecting a gift for her.  I called her into the kitchen and opened the box.  She began sniffing the two bags of treats like crazy, and sat pretty waiting for me to offer her up a sample.  Lily's favorite of the two treats -- Grizzly Salmon NuTreats for Dogs and Wigzi Tasties Treats -- was the Wigzi Tasties Treats as they came in roasted duck flavor, her favorite.  These small treats were just the right size for her to enjoy and were easy to chew, as she had recently had her teeth cleaned and a few teeth removed. 

Also included in this monthly Pawalla Mini box was the Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Spray in lavender scent, which I sprayed on Lily's favorite blanket.  Since Abby's passing, she had trouble sleeping as she wasn't used to sleeping alone.  This spray seemed to help calm her and helped her fall asleep.  Now, each night I spray her bed and blanket and she falls peacefully asleep. 

A Wigzi Dog Toy was also included in this box, but wasn't a fan of Lily's, as she never took to toys.  If Abby was still with us, I know she would have loved this durable bouncy ball, as she loved toys that we could hide treats in and play fetch with her.

Overall, I have to say that the Pawalla monthly subscription box service for dogs and cats is offered at an exceptional price and offers a great assortment of treats and toys that any dog or cat will enjoy.  I am happy I had the chance to share the Pawalla Mini box with Lily, as it really did lift her spirits and made her day.  So, if you are a dog or cat owner who loves surprising their furry friends with treats and special gifts, why not consider ordering a Pawalla box for them?  Easter is right around the corner, and this monthly box subscription service made especially for dogs would make for a great, unexpected gift for them.  And, at only $26/month for the regular dog size box and $14/month for the Pawalla Mini box , you can't go wrong for the price, as this is a great way to try out products for your dogs that you probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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