Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bye Bye Bottles, Hello 4-in-1 Convert-a-Cup by Nuby (Review)

 No-Spill™ Cup with Super Spout 

I could not wait until Arabella finally started drinking milk last month.  Not only was I saving over $90 a week on liquid formula, but I was finally able to say goodbye to the bottles that filled a corner of my countertop.  As we weened her off of her formula and began introducing her to milk and water, we began using "big girl" sippy cups to introduce her drinks to her.  Surprising, she caught on quick to the concept of the sippy cup, thanks in part to watching her older sister, Savannah, with her favorite sippy cups with straws (and on a few occasions stealing and taking sips from them), but also because of the 4-in-1 Convert-a-Cup from Nuby.  

When we were preparing for Savannah's arrival in 2010, like every new parent, we went crazy buying baby products that we thought we needed.  But, when she finally arrived, we realized that half the stuff never got used, or didn't perform like it was supposed to.  We had bottle warmers, drying racks, cleaning brushes - the works -- when it came to formula feeding Savannah.  I never knew how many bottles to have, as I always heard other moms say that you would be tired and would not want to run out of clean bottles to prepare formula in.  In total, I think we had over 30 bottles at one time on the counter.  And, once Savannah transitioned to milk, we got rid of half of them and stored the rest in case baby #2 came -- in which Arabella did, 15 months later. :-)  But, now we are a bottle-free house and only have a handful of sippy cups that store away nicely in the cabinet with the adults cups. :-)  What makes this storing possible is the 4-in-1 convertible cup transitions through various cup stages, making it the only sippy cup we need to own for the girls.   

The 4-in-one Convert-a-Cup by Nuby includes use of handles with their soft, silicone No-Spill Spout for step 1 drinkers.  I don't have to worry about awkward shaped cups that may make it difficult for Arabella to grasp and hold comfortable.  With this new sippy cup with Nuby, she is not only confident when holding it, but loves the fun contoured shape of the cup -- which she can hold with or without the handles.  And, unlike other transitional sippy cups, which require you to switch up spouts and lids, this Convert-a-Cup's spout and lid are one piece - making for great storage, and never worrying about losing spout and lid pieces.  Once your toddler is ready to move onto the next stage of drinking from a cup, you can simply remove the handles.  It only took Arabella a few short weeks to want to move onto this stage, after watching her older sister day in and day out walk around the house holding her sippy cup without handles.

Now that Savannah is 30 months old, we have started to teach her how to drink from a cup, with a lid.  I had previously bought a handful of cups at the store that all stated that they were great a transitioning toddlers learning to drink from a cup.  But, either the rim of the cup was not comfortable enough for her, or she couldn't grasp the cup just right -- leading to spills and a discouraged toddler.  I tried her the other day with the 4-in-1 Convert-a-Cup by Nuby, by removing the 2-in-1 spout and lid cover, and tried this with her for cup drinking.  She, like her little sister, liked the contoured shape of the cup, which made for easy holding.  And, unlike other transitional cups we have tried, this one didn't have the screw ring grooves, so it was ideal for new cup drinker s like Savannah.  Even though she had a few spills at first from tipping the cup up to high or too fast, she finally caught on, and has begun transitioning nicely from her sippy cup to a "big girl" cup without a spout.

I can't believe how fast my girls are growing up. One minute they fit on your chest and nap peacefully, and the next they are asking for their own cup to drink from.  Enjoy those special baby moments, as they will definitely go by WAY TO FAST.  And, when the time comes to introduce a sippy cup to the mix, why not consider the 4-in-1 Convert-a-Cup by Nuby.  It will make advancing through the cups stages with your little one so much easier -- and will take up less counter space than other transitional cups.

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 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from Nuby in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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