Friday, January 25, 2013

Try These Holiday Recipes from Swanson and Give Your Dishes a Flavor Boost (Review)


'The 2012 holiday season may be over, but there are still plenty of fun holidays to celebrate in 2013. From Game Day to St. Patrick’s Day, following are recipes that will inspire delicious, crowd-pleasing meals, courtesy of the Swanson brand.

National Soup Month
The temperatures drop during the month of January, so what better way to warm up than by celebrating National Soup Month! Swanson broth and stock provide a rich, flavorful base for these satisfying soups that are sure to become fast-favorites:

Game Day
These recipes will guarantee a touchdown with your fellow football fanatics:

Valentine’s Day
Nothing says “be mine” quite like a delectable dinner for two. Swanson Flavor Boost Concentrated Chicken broth is the key ingredient in the main dish of this romantic meal and, paired with these delectable side dishes it’s sure to win hearts:

St. Patrick’s Day
Bring the luck o’ the Irish to your readers with these scrumptious and easy-to-make recipes:

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Elevate your everyday dishes instantly with Swanson® Flavor Boost® concentrated broth, a kitchen essential that adds flavor to any recipe. It's 100% natural broth, with no MSG added*. Use it to enhance the flavor of skillet dishes, stir fries and more.  

My Thoughts:
Have you seen or tried Swanson's new line of Flavor Boost packets? I have seen them on the shelves in the market, but never tried them.  That was until I was recently sent an email from Swanson's with the above holiday recipe ideas.  As I looked through Swanson's abundant recipe collection, with many recipes calling for their new Flavor Boost broth concentrates, I knew I had to try them.

I have grown up being told that if you are making a homemade soup or other dish that requires fresh stock, that you don't want to skimp and use bouillon cubes or cans of broth.  But, I don't have the luxury of standing over the stove for hours making homemade stock.  So, I have been trying out different broths and stock mixes to find just the right brand that offers exceptional taste and doesn't add too much salt or MSG to the dish.  Many of the concentrates I have tried either lacked flavor, were too salty or the flavor overpowered the dish.  So, I think this was why I was skeptical in trying these new Flavor Boost broth concentrates from Swanson.

I was sent a box of each of their four flavors -- chicken, beef, vegetable and seafood, to try.  Each box contains 4 - 0.42 oz. liquid packets, all made from 100% natural concentrated broth.  I loved how they included a recipe on the back of each box, to give you a suggestion on how to incorporate these packets into a dish.  So far, I have tried the beef, chicken and vegetable broths.  I am leaving the seafood broth for the upcoming Superbowl Sunday, when I will add it to my family's favorite seafood gumbo dish. 

I used the beef Flavor Boost packet when making homemade beef stew.  Mmm, I couldn't believe how one little liquid packet could add so much rich, beef flavor to the dish.  The stew wasn't salty at all, and everyone who tried it kept asking if I had made homemade stock for the broth.  Little did they know I simply used Swanson Flavor Boost to kick the flavor up a notch.  As for the chicken flavor boost, I used this in my popular chicken soup recipe.  What I liked best was that this flavor boost balanced out the other seasonings I usually add, making the broth worth drinking along. :-)  The vegetable Flavor Boost was added to a vegetable stir fry dish (the recipe I used from the back of the box).  Now I have made stir fry in the past, but it never tasted as good as this one.

So, overall, I can say that these new Flavor Boost concentrated broth packets from Swanson are worth trying.  If you are hesitant like I was about using concentrated broths in your stews, soups and other dishes, don't be.  You will be amazed at how great and how flavorful your dishes will turn out.  I sure was!
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You can find Swanson Flavor Boost and other broths in the soup aisle of your favorite local grocery store.  
Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


  1. I would definitely add it to my stuffing this year for Thanksgiving!

  2. I have to remember to try these! They look great, and I can use any help I can get with convenient meals.