Monday, January 7, 2013

Pretzel and Hot Dog Fans Rejoice for SUPERPRETZEL PretzelDogs (Review)


When it comes to snacking, I have two weaknesses, pretzels and those little mini hot dogs.  It wasn't until I began feeding Savannah hot dogs that I was turned back onto them, as they are quick and easy to prepare, and taste so good.  And, all while I was pregnant with the girls I craved unsalted pretzels from SUPERPRETZEL.  So, you can only imagine how giddy I got when I saw that SUPERPRETZEL now had PretzelDogs available for purchase, in your grocer's frozen food section.  Not only do you get to enjoy the toasty pretzel crust, but when you bite into the pretzel snack, you are greeted with a bite-sized hog dog.  Available in three varieties -- Original, Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeno -- I recently had the opportunity to try their Original and Cheddar Cheese flavors out with my family, thanks to the folks at J&J Snack Foods Corp. 

Each box contains 12 PretzelDogs, which can be microwaved in a matter of seconds, and then enjoyed as a mini-meal, snack or even served as an appetizer.  I ended up serving up a platter of bite size PretzelDogs over the weekend when we had friends over to watch the game on television.  Having tried the original flavor out before the guests arrived, I knew they would like them.  I wanted to make sure they were not greasy and didn't leave you with a funny aftertaste, like some of the other pig in a blanket type appetizers I have purchased in the past.  I was happy to learn that these anytime snacks are "made with the highest quality ingredients, including top quality beef with no by-product."  And, no, they weren't greasy, and didn't leave a funny aftertaste.

The only downside to these bite size snacks is like chips, once you have one, you tend to find yourself reaching for more. :-)  By half time, the platter of both varieties were empty, and my husband was off to the market to buy some more.  Out of the two varieties, everyone seemed to agree to the Cheddar Cheese PretzelDogs were their favorite.  The cheese didn't ooze out and make a mess, but it did add to the flavor of the beef hot dog and pretzel bite.  Mmm, I am getting hungry just thinking about them.

And, as a busy mom on the go, I love how quick and easy these and other SUPERPRETZEL products are to heat up.  In less than a minute, I can have the frozen snack into the microwave and onto a place for snacking. :-)  Oh, yeah, even Savannah enjoyed these cute little hot dog treats.  She would pull the bite size hot dogs out and eat them first, and then nibble away at the pretzel bite.  And, as for Arabella, she would hand off the hot dog to Savannah to enjoy, and snack away on the pretzel -- especially the cheddar cheese ones, as they were her favorite. :-)

So, with school back in session and moms looking for a quick and easy after school snack to serve up their children (or to enjoy for themselves), why not give SUPERPRETZEL PretzelDogs a try? And, make sure you have some on hand for the Superbowl in Feb.  They will be hit for sure! And, cleanup with be a breeze, as the platter will be returned to the kitchen empty. :-)

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I know I would try these! I love Pretzels and Hot Dogs! I also love their microwavable!!!

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