Monday, January 7, 2013

Get Your Health Questions Answered at Live Healthy Connecticut and Win Great Prizes

Live Healthy Connecticut

"Live Healthy Connecticut is a program that delivers "real-life" practical health, wellness and fitness tips on a Facebook page brought to you by UnitedHealthcare and its Oxford products.  We've tapped some of the area's leading experts on a variety of important topics, so you can ask them questions - plus real the questions and answers others have asked, as well. And for a limited time, when you ask a question, you could win prizes for your effort. 

The Live Healthy Connecticut can answer your questions on:
Family Health

Real practical tips and answers for real people like you. 
Ask the experts: Get answer to your questions about fitness, weight loss, nutrition, or general health - a professional will provide you a detailed answer. 
  • Interact with other members to share tips and inspiration, and keep motivated on your path to better health. 
  • Everyone is welcome, and there's no charge to ask questions.
  • No matter what shape you're in, how old you are, or whether you're a veteran athlete or a long-term couch potato, Live Healthy Connecticut has relevant information that can help you achieve some of your most important health goals. "

Anyone can ask a question, but only Connecticut Residents can win. You'll be entered to win exciting prizes, including VISA® gift cards, gym memberships, cooking classes or free groceries. 
So, what are you waiting for?  Ask those questions you have been meaning to ask your family physician, or have been too shy to ask?  I have already asked a couple of questions and had one answered. :-)  
Click here to visit the Live Healthy Connecticut Facebook page to learn more and ask your health questions --

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