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Disney American Presidents -- An Award Winning iPad App from Disney Publishing (Review)

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"Let the countdown begin – 12 days until Inauguration Day!  Time to brush up on your American President trivia - Do you know which president got stuck in a White House bathtub?

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Disney Publishing has launched a new iPad & iPhone app: Disney American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook – a fun spin on history for kids and parents.  

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The app was developed with the help of a producer from The Daily Show and Colbert Report and offers a fresh, fun dive into all 44 presidents (including Obama) with an interactive scrapbook, cartoons & animations, and even real-life testimonials from luminaries like Mo Rocca, Bob Woodward, Paul Begala, Wesley Clark, Sam Donaldson, Melissa Harris-Perry, Robert Reich, and Jon Meacham
From homesteading to trust busting, the app brings each historical time period to life with music, videos, art and more."

Special Features:
- Features more than two hours of hilarious – and historically accurate - presidential profiles
- Navigate by President and by era, from Washington to Obama
- Era-specific descriptions, music, art styles and references help bring each historical time period to life
- Each President receives his own spread, with interactive elements linked to key decisions, notable characteristics and historical legacy
- Pull-out factoids create a flavor for the time and for the individual
- Explores many of the themes of the 2012 election
- AirPlay enabled for classroom and home use

Educational Value:
- Maps to Core Curriculum Standards for grades 3-8
- Includes video profiles for each of our 44 U.S. Presidents
- Explains and contextualizes key historical concepts
- Links political philosophies and historical characters across time


My Thoughts:

I downloaded this app last night to try out and have to say I was impressed. Now, I was never a fan of history in school, but thought to myself, if this app was around years ago, it would have made learning about the presidents so much easier, and fun! 

What I loved best about the app is how it presents each of the presidents, in a scrapbook-type way.  Here is a snapshot of what you would see if you wanted to learn more about FDR:

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It shows when he was in office, how many terms he serviced, what # president he was, his party, his VP's, etc.  In addition, you can also watch clips that feature each president, listen to sound bites so you can hear how that particular president counted like.  I especially liked the tidbit facts that are shared about. 

And, here is what you would see if you wanted to learn about Abe Lincoln:

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As you can see, each president's page is set up the same, but it tailored to their personal terms in office, sharing wonderful information that everyone should know when studying the presidents.  Compared to textbooks, I prefer this layout in learning about the 44 presidents, as it really keeps you engaged and want to continue to tap on each president to learn more about them.  And, with the Inauguration right around the corner, I am expecting many teachers and homeschooling parents will be talking about President Obama and the other presidents.  This app would be a great companion to these discussions, or as a compilation to used at home to continue these talks with parents.

So, if you are looking for a fun, educational app to share with your children about the U.S. presidents, why not download this new app from Disney Publishing for only $3.99 -- available at iTunes?  Click here to download now -- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/disney-american-presidents/id559557889?mt=8.

In addition to this fun, educational app about the U.S. presidents, Disney Education Productions also has an award-winning DVD series available, “The American Presidents – each box set includes 4 DVDs

Stay tuned next week when I will share my review on this box set, and offer one lucky reader a chance to win a set to share with their families.  Note: the box set retails for $119.96 .

Disclosure: I was a code to download this app for review from the vendor, in order to try out and share an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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