Friday, January 18, 2013

Check Out an App from Out-of-This-World! -- Zimmiz!

I am excited to introduce you to Zimmiz!  "Endearing with their wide-open sparkling eyes, chubby cheeks and incredible lifelike facial expressions, Zimmiz are now making their planetary debut as a brand-new app for the iPhone and iPod. 

Designed for little Earthlings ages 4 and up, the free app is now available on the App Store (   An Android version of the new app will follow sometime this year.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 4
Like any young friend, Zimmiz shows a range of playful emotions and reactions – 300+ animations and responses!  Zimmiz laughs when tickled, forgets to cover his mouth when he sneezes, closes his eyes when he gets tired, becomes annoyed when poked, blows bubbles with gum, sings, repeats, fogs up the screen, chokes on his food, burps and even…farts! When Zimmiz is dropped, held upside down or given a little shake, he may laugh, get dizzy, or, worse, get sick!  Children simply slide open his mouth to access cool games – and they can make their Zimmiz entirely their own by customizing its eyes and skin color as well as the shape of its nose, lips, teeth and signature birthmark with millions of possible combinations!   

iPhone Screenshot 5

Zimmiz owners can save the unique look that they create for their Zimmiz “freemium” app and, for just $0.99, they can change the look of their Zimmiz as often as they like.

To add to all the Zimmiz fun at home and on the road, a specially-designed plush toy featuring pose-able hands and antennas as well as a pocket for snuggly slipping the iPhone inside is now available here at!"

Don't forget to “like” Zimmiz at and follow Zimmiz at for exclusive news and updates – and some “sneak peek” giveaways, etc.!

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