Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Ideas -- Swiggies, The Wrist Water Bottle by HydroSport (Review)

My husband has taken up the hobby of running, in hopes to run the Boston Marathon in 2014.  So, whenever he finds free time, which with two young children is hard for both of us to do, he is out running or training.  He has competed in a few local 5K and other marathons, and each time does, he carries water bottles with him.  Our oldest daughter, Savannah, asked one day "Why is Daddy carrying a sippy cup?" I tried to tell her it was water bottle filled with water to keep him hydrated during the race.  But, I don't think she was buying it.  So, when my husband finished this one particular race and we greeted him at the finish line, Savannah handed him her sippy cup and said, "More, more."  I told him that she thought his water bottle was a sippy cup, and he just laughed.

When we arrived home, Savannah asked me to strap her sippy cup to her wrist, like Daddy had his.  This was good timing as I had just received a couple samples of Swiggies in the mail to review. I showed Savannah these wrist water bottles, and asked if she wanted to try them out.  She got excited and chose the green one, her favorite color.  I filled it with water and strapped it on.  With the other sample, I showed her how to drink from the bottle.  She tried it and thought it was the coolest thing.  And, for the rest of the afternoon, she kept the Swiggies bottle strapped to her wrist, and whenever she got thirsty would take a drink. :-)


Now, this wrist water bottle would come in handy for children who plays sports, or just like being outdoors and running around.  We need to instill in our children the importance of physical fitness and staying active, while also making sure they know that it is important to stay hydrated.  What better way to deliver this message than with these fun wrist water bottles?  And, with the holidays fast approaching Swiggies, the wrist water bottle by HydroSport would make for a great stocking stuffer idea.  In addition to the child's size (which holds 8 oz. of fluid), HydroSport also offer Swiggies for adults (which holds 11 oz.).  So, when the whole family is out and about enjoying the day, let it be biking, hiking or taking a leisurely stroll, make sure you have your Swiggies strapped to your wrist, to hydrate when you need to. :-)



Click here to visit the HydroSport website and order Swiggies wrist water bottles for the whole family -- Both the child and adult sizes, are only $12.95, plus $5.50 s/h each, and come in a variety of colors.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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