Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Ideas -- 1950's Inspired Holiday Chocolate Truffle Bars from Seattle Chocolates (Review)

I have been a fan of Seattle Chocolates since reviewing it last Christmas, and then again this past Valentine's Day.  So, when I was putting together my holiday guide, I knew I had to reach out to them and see what new holiday items they had available.  The folks at Seattle Chocolates sent along a few of their new 1950's Inspired Holiday Chocolate Truffle Bars for my review.
Holiday 5-Bar Gift Box by Seattle Chocolates
When I received them in the mail, I couldn't get over the nostalgic feel of the chocolate bar wrappers, which are apart of Seattle Chocolates limited edition holiday 2012 line, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" product line.  And, with unique flavors like Christmas Cookie, Hot Buttered Rum, Holiday Cheer Eggnog and Mom's Hot Cocoa, it was hard to keep the wrappers on, as I so wanted to try each new flavor.  But, in order to share an honest review on their  flavors, I had to remove the wrapper. :-(

But, I was so glad that I did, as I wouldn't have known how delicious tasting each of these holiday flavors were.  Here is more about each flavor, as described by the folks at Seattle Chocolates:

Mom's Hot Cocoa Bar by Seattle Chocolates 
"Breakneck speeds on a Flexible Flyer might require Mom’s hot cocoa to thaw him out. Marshmallows-and love-included.

Creamy milk chocolate with chewy marshmallow bits. 2.5 oz.

Christmas Cookie Bar by Seattle Chocolates
"Yummy! The buttery aroma of fresh baked Christmas cookies are sure to bring your own snow angels in for a special treat.

White chocolate center with vanilla, cinnamon, & raw sugar crystals for texture in a creamy milk chocolate shell. 2.5 oz."

Hot Buttered Rum Bar by Seattle Chocolates 

"Apr├Ęs ski, cozy up to the fire, Jean-Claude and a hot buttered rum. Those frosty toes won’t be the only thing melting.

Buttery, smooth, with a light hint of rum and toffee crunch in creamy milk chocolate. 2.5 oz."

 Candy Cane Crunch Bar by Seattle Chocolates
"Va-va-va-voom! What up-and-coming starlet doesn’t love a candy cane treat. Now come here, darling, and pucker up!

Holiday favorite candy cane crunches in rich dark chocolate. 2.5 oz."

Holiday Cheer Eggnog Bar by Seattle Chocolates 

"Chocolates for the hostess, eggnog for the tall, dark and handsome guest. Is he pausing under the mistletoe on purpose?

Eggy with sweet vanilla, cream and nutmeg create an almost frothy center in a smooth milk chocolate shell. 2.5 oz. "


Is your mouth watering yet?  Mine is as I am typing this post. Each of these limited edition truffle bars from Seattle Chocolates can be purchased through their online store for only $3.00 each, or bought in a 3 or 5-pack.  My favorite was "Mom's Hot Cocoa," as I loved the marshmallows added in, which you could not only see when you broke the chocolate truffle bar in half, but, you could also taste.  A close second was "Christmas Cookie" with had a buttery cookie taste.  The texture of these chocolate bars is nothing I have ever experienced before.  They are so rich and creamy, and add a kick with their unique and fun add-ins.  This is one reason they are my go-to chocolate shop for sending sweet treats to family and friends for special occasions.

I have to say that these limited edition chocolate truffle bars are the most festive I have seen, and really get you excited about the holidays and spending time with family and friends.  And, with the playful, yet sophisticated detail to the wrappers, these would make for a great stocking stuffer, or given as a gift to teachers, postal workers, etc.  I would love to receive more of these in my stocking -- hint, hint, Santa. :-)

Chocolate Truffle Gift Box by Seattle ChocolatesChocolate Truffle Gift Box by Seattle Chocolates
So, with only a few days left to order and have in time for the holidays, head on over to Seattle Chocolates website and order these and other holiday products like their Holiday Party Box, which includes a collection of truffles, boxed with illustrated scenes depicting a 1950's holiday party with a snowy backdrop.  Or, you can purchase the Snow Day Box, which depicts a neighborhood party on a winter day -- this one is my favorite. Both of these boxes retail for only $11.95 each and contain 6oz. of truffles. 

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


  1. These would make and AWESOME teacher gift!

  2. I love truffles! Those truffle bars sound fantastic. Great stocking stuffers, gift ideas, and daily indulgences!

  3. The Christmas Cookie bar sounds so delicious. I love anything with white chocolate. Great gifts for my little sisters.