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Spotlight on Mom -- Kamala Corkin of Drool Monkey Organics

Drool Monkey Organics
Drool Monkey

It seems like I have spent the past two years trying to find great teething products for my daughters, as they are 1 and 2 1/2 yrs. old, and always seem to be teething.  Just the other day, Savannah begin breaking in two molars, so she hasn't been a happy camper.  Along with teething, both girls suffer from constant drooling, diaper rashes, runny noses and fuss throughout the day and night.  I have tried chilled teething rings, teething biscuits, teething toys, etc., but nothing seemed to bring relief or comforted them.  That was until I received the Drool Monkey, an organic solution for teething babies (and toddlers).  What I loved best besides containing no toxic dyes, no chemical flame retardants and no synthetic fabrics, is that it is also so versatile.  Not only does the Drool Monkey organic teething lovie offers teething relief, but it can also be used as a rattle, burp cloth and security blankie.  

 ♥ Made from custom-woven 100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric.
 Prevents drool rash – When baby chews, our absorbent fabric wicks away moisture from
baby’s delicate skin.
♥ Multi-tasks as a teether,  burp cloth, nursing cover,  sun shield, and security blanket all in one!
♥ Stays Clean with reusable drawstring bag & machine washable and dryable.
♥ Relieves teething discomfort with knotable fabric for baby to chew on.
♥ Entertains with a fun rattle inside.
♥ Stays-Put on stroller, carrier and teething toys with two removable tethers.

Poor Arabella only has the bottom two teeth (for the past few months), but her gums have been swollen, and it looks like she will be getting a handful of upper and lower teeth any day now.  Before I was sent this organic cloth teether for review, I would find her throwing the teething products I had purchased to help bring relief, and instead gnaw on Savannah's toys, or even the corner of her pack and play.  Kamala Corkin, the mom inventor behind this ingenious product that is definitely a must have for all moms with babies, sent me a sample of this and her organic hankies to review.  As soon as I handed the Drool Monkey to Arabella, her eyes lit up and she she began shaking the monkey.  The I showed her how she could nibble on the monkey for relief.  After two years of searching for a teething product that works and entertains little ones, I finally find one in Kamala's Drool Monkey.

Day and night, Arabella is always with her Drool Monkey. Even on car rides, she needs to hold her blankie, and puts herself to sleep as she nibbles on it.  And, on the few occasions when Arabella falls asleep or drops her Drool Monkey to get another toy, Savannah quickly sneaks in and picks it up.  And, with her molars breaking through, I found her trying out the teething cloth and liking it as well.  I guess I have to buy another one just for her. :-)  In the meantime, I am freezing the organic hankies and letting Savannah chew on them, which she loves.  And, the hankies come in handy when on the go and you need to wipe the drool from your little one's mouth as they teeth.  And, in my case, I also use for their runny noses, as they are ultra soft and gentle on their delicate skin. :-)

♥  Made with Custom-woven Certified Organic Cotton Fabric
♥  Ultra-Soft & AbsorbentProtects delicate skin and sensitive noses
♥   Machine Washable & Dryable • Stays soft and smooth wash after wash
♥   Teach Good Hygiene • Sneeze, cough or blow at the adorable monkey
♥  Environmentally Friendly • Save trees and reduce waste
♥  Newborn Sleep Aid/Soother • Perfect size and breath-ability to absorb Mom’s scent to soothe
baby while away from Mom

So, if you have a teething baby or are looking for a unique and fun gift to give to an expectant or new mom, why not pick up the Drool Monkey cloth teether, or the organic hankies?  I was reading through one of my parenting magazines the other day and was happy to see celebrity mom, Selma Blair using it with her little one.  I thought it was only a matter of time before other moms would learn about this amazing must have and pick it up for their little ones.

As my daughter, Arabella, enjoys her Drool Monkey, I will be waiting to see what other unique must haves Kamala will add to the Drool Monkey collection.  And, when new items are adding, I will be one of the first in line to purchase them.  I can't stop raving about the Drool Monkey cloth teether and the organic hankies with friends and family, and know that once you try them out with your teething baby, you will fall in love with them, too.

Please enjoy my Spotlight on Mom interview with Kamala Corkin below, where she shares more about her journey with starting her business and coming up with the idea for the Drool Monkey.  Then, make sure you head on over to her website - - to browse her product line and order a Drool Monkey for your child, or to give as a gift.

Name: Kamala Corkin
Company Name/Product/Service: Drool Monkey Organics, Drool Monkey Organic Teething Lovie and Organic Hankies
Company Location: Monterey, CA
Company Website:
Twitter Handle: @1DroolMonkey
Age of Company: Officially launched our products one year ago.
Favorite Inspirational Quotes:
It always seems impossible until it is done - Nelson Mandela
Believe you can, and you're halfway there - Theodore Roosevelt
The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long - Unknown
Favorite Book: At this time in my life, I would have to say the Harry McClarry series (New Zealand children's books)

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How many children do you have? What are their ages? Your hobbies? Etc. 
I'm a Mom of two. My daughter is 3.75 years old and my son is 15 months old. I used to Love to ride horses.
Briefly explain your business. How did it come about?
I’m always asked how and why I decided to design and manufacture organic baby products. It all started when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Like all new moms I wanted to get only the best products for my baby. I researched every purchase and did lots of research on the benefits of organics. Now I didn’t ONLY buy organic, but I did try to make sure the products my baby would be in contact with the most were organic.
After my daughter was born and started to put everything in her mouth, I definitely wanted to make sure the cloth that she was sucking or chewing on all the time was safe. You can imagine how I felt when she started to chew on a traditional stuffed blanket lovie that was gifted to us. It was fuzzy, which I didn’t want her to ingest, and to top it off the care tag said surface wash only! I quickly hid that lovie and made her a makeshift one out of organic cloth. It wasn’t pretty but it was safe and I could wash and dry it daily, so I was assured that what she was chewing on was safe and clean. Well, she loved it and I realized it was something I couldn’t live without. I hand embroidered a monkey face on it (my first attempt ever at hand embroidery LOL) because we affectionately called our daughter our little Drool Monkey. People started asking me about it everywhere we went. That’s when the “lightbulb moment” happened and I thought that maybe I should explore the idea of improving the product and bringing it to market.
What is a typical work day like? 
My days are filled with diapers, dancing and Drool Monkey. 
What has been a struggle while starting up your company?
Fabric has been my main struggle. When I decided to start this company I had no idea how difficult it would be to weave organic cotton to my specifications. Two and a half years later I had exactly what I wanted organic cotton fabric that is ultra-soft, absorbent, strong and will wash and dry perfectly.
What did you do in your past work life? 
I've always been in Sales and Marketing. The majority of my work like was in the wine industry. Changing from Wine to Organic Baby Products, a crazy leap, I know.
What have been some of your major successes? 
I have found that everyone measures success differently. To me, seeing a photo or video of a child loving their Drool Monkey is just amazing. That is my success! Seeing Selma Blair photographer all over town for months using her Drool Monkey is unreal. We have also won awards and attracted media attention. We won the 2011 Top Choice award from Creative Child. I won the Born by Moms momprenuer contest from Spokesmoms. Drool Monkeys also been featured on Cool Mom Picks and Celebrity Baby Scoop.
What have been some of your major challenges? 
My largest challenge is time and balance. Trying to raise a family and run a business all by yourself is very difficult. Sleep is a luxury these days.  Getting to this stage and having product on the shelf is my biggest success. It was a long and bumpy road to bring Drool Monkey to life. 
On those impossible days, what motivates you to keep going? 
Looking at a picture of a baby with their Drool Monkey and reading the great reviews I get from parents. That will usually get me motivated again.
What is your balancing secret in managing a business and family? 
I have not found the secret yet. If you have it, please share. I always end up doing the majority of my business work at night after the kids are in bed. It means less sleep for me but also less distractions.
What is next for your business? 
I have many more ideas to add to the Drool Monkey Organics Family. New product additions and wider distribution is the goal. Hopefully Drool Monkeys will be available everywhere.
Do you have any advice for other mom entrepreneurs that are starting out and struggling, or are on the fence about starting a business? 
I love to help other mom entrepreneurs. The mom entrepreneur industry is very supportive and will openly share their mistakes and successes. Having said that, I always like to warn mom entrepreneurs to the realities of starting your own business. You need to make sure that you are extremely passionate about your creation. There will be times when that passion will be the only thing keeping you going. Also be prepared for it to cost at least double what you think it will cost to get started and take twice the amount of time. Be prepared, have a strong support system in place, and GO FOR IT!!!!

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