Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas -- Tarts on Fire Sticks (Review)

If you love having campfires or sitting by your fire pit, then you will want to have this unique roasting tool -- the Tarts on Fire stick.  What is this you ask?  A dad invented this genius roasting stick that turns a package of refrigerated biscuits into tart cups, which you can add fresh fruit, canned pie filling, s'mores ingredients and other fillers, and then top with cool whip or canned whipped cream.  Then, enjoy!

I received four Tarts on Fire sticks back in October and have had a blast using them.  We were the talk of the neighborhood when we had the neighbors over at the end of October for a Halloween party.  Prior to arriving to our party, we asked guests to bring their favorite filling ingredients, but didn't tell them what it was for.  Some came with pints of ice cream, while others brought chocolate or vanilla pudding, fresh fruit and canned pie fillings.  One neighbor even brought homemade pumpkin butter and apple butter, which she had recently canned.  
As everyone gathered around our fire pit, they asked where the sticks for roasting were?  I told them that they would not be needed.  Looking confused, I quickly whipped out our four Tarts on Fire Sticks.  The puzzled looks remained, until my husband and I demonstrated how to make a tart cup in less than 3 minutes.  
Once the biscuit tart cups were formed and cooked through, we were ready to add the filling and then top with whipped cream.  I had been experimenting with fillings and came to like crumbled store-bought pound cake, along with fresh cut strawberries mixed with a little sugar to make a tasty syrup, with a cool whip topping.  Mmmm, so delicious!  My husband, on the other hand, crumbled up graham crackers and chocolate syrup to make his version of a S'mores tart.  Everyone couldn't believe their eyes.  And, when they sampled our tart treats, they wanted more.  Can you believe that these stainless steel tart sticks cook the tart inside and out, and leaves no soggy center?  I was afraid that I would under cook or overcook the tart cups, but didn't have an issue. Guests had a blast creating their unique tart recipes and the Tarts on Fire sticks make for a great conversation piece. 

Since then, we have had a handful of other gatherings, and each time we have pulled out the Tarts on Fire sticks to make delicious, quick and easy tart filled treats for all to enjoy.  Even last week, when it was cold and the ground was snow covered, my husband had a hankering for his S'mores treats, and lit the fire pit.  As the girls slept, we sat outside sipping wine and enjoying our sweet treats.

Once you try the Tarts on Fire sticks, you will not want to go back to the old fire stick.  And, being made of stainless steel, these tart cups ware made to last a long time.  So, with the holidays right around the corner, why not surprise those hard to shop for people on your list with a set of Tarts on Fire sticks?  These tart sticks also make for a great housewarming gift, or must have gadget to have on hand if you love sitting by the fire pit or a campfires, going camping or just trying out unique and fun products.  Those who try out the Tarts on Fire sticks will love them, and will want a set for themselves. :-)

How the Tarts on Fire Concept Came About:

"Just to give you a little insight to the making of Tarts On husband, Nic, was introduced to the campfire tart a couple years ago at a father/son campout...only thing is they just used a wood dowel which had quite a few drawbacks.  The heat traveled up the stick after just a couple uses; the dough wouldn't get cooked very well on the inside; and the stick would have to be treated with oil so it wouldn't splinter as pain.  So, my husband said, "This is a great idea, but this could be so much better!"  He and his friend got to work on a prototype and voila!...we now have Tarts On Fire!:)  They are made out of cooking grade stainless steel so they clean up super easy and won't rust.  You can also screw off the cup and use the stick part to roast your hot dog, wipe it off, then screw the cup back on to make dessert!:)"
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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.  

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