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Holiday Gift Ideas - Pamper Yourself in the Shower with a New Waterpik Showerhead (Review)


"Waterpik Showerhead 14 Spray Settings with Optiflow. This high-performance showerhead easily switches from full flow to EcoFLow to trickle, putting the power to save water and money right at your fingertips."

"Since the launch of Original Shower Massage® in 1974, Water Pik has been founded on a tradition of innovation and performance in everything we do. Waterpik® shower heads are designed to create shower experiences that relax, refresh and rejuvenate the body.

A great shower starts with great water force. But Water Pik set out to prove that a good shower head could provide force without relying on water pressure. Even at low water pressures, OptiFLOW® can improve water force up to 30% by more efficiently channeling water. Waterpik® shower heads are engineered with OptiFLOW® to deliver the power.

The company that invented the category of massaging shower heads is now leading the way with best-in-class innovative and eco-friendly shower head products."

Learn more about Water Pik shower head innovative features here  --

---Celebrate Waterpik's 50 years of innovations with a fun giveaway in January ---

Waterpik will celebrate 50 years of innovation for healthy families this February. From the Waterpik Water Flosser to the Original Shower Massage shower heads, and the new sinus rinse line, SinuSense, Waterpik offers one-of-a-kind products that improve overall health and wellness.

To kick-off the 50th celebration, Water Pik will be giving away 5 products every day from January 18th-31st, leading up to the anniversary!  And the best part, winners can select the product they wish to receive, including: 

·         Water Flosser Ultra
·         Water Flosser for Kids
·         New Water Flosser Traveler
·         EasySelect® or EcoFlow® showerheads
·         Water Pulsator.  

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My Thoughts:

I recently had the opportunity to try out Waterpik Elite shower head.  As a mother to two young children under the age of 3, I am lucky if I can get a shower in the early AM before they both get up to start their days.  On days I can' t shower in the AM, I have to wait until after lunch, when they are both, hopefully, down for a nap.  Gone are the days where I can take a long relaxing soak in the time, or a 15-20 minute shower.  Instead, I have to hop in and out in time to react to a crying baby, etc.  But, when I received this massaging shower head from Water Pik, I couldn't help but extend my showers a few minutes longer.  :-)

If you carry around young children like I do, then you probably have sore shoulders and arms.  With 14 custom spray settings (7 full flow and 7 eco-flow), I can adjust the water flow and massage level to my needs.  When I received the new hand-held shower head from Water Pik, I couldn't wait for my husband to install it.  We had bought a few massaging shower heads in the past, but had to return them or give them away, as they didn't fit on our shower arm.  And, I wasn't going to pay a plumber to come out and replace the shower piping so that a shower head would fit.  

In less than 5 minutes, my husband had the old shower head off and had attached the new massaging hand-held one the folks at Water Pik sent us to try out.  There was no need to use pipe tape, which I loved.  I called the first shower after it was installed, and have to say it was one of the most relaxing  and rejuvenating showers I have taken in a long time, post babies. :-)  I tried out each setting and found the pulsating massage and full body mist (felt like I was caught in a rain storm) to be my favorites.  In addition to my husband and I loving the new shower head, we found that when it came time to give our two dogs a bath in the tub, it was  a breeze -- they didn't squirm around and liked the low eco-flow water setting.  Because our daughters are too young to take showers on their own, they never knew about the shower head, until my husband made it rain in the tub the other night.  When they weren't giggling, the girls were trying to catch the misting water drops on their tub.  Usually it is a pain to wash the shampoo out of their hair with just a cup, as they squirm or jump around in the tub too much.  But, when I pulled the 5 foot hose, which doesn't tangle down towards them in the tub, they let me shampoo their hair with ease.  I guess, they too, like how the new Waterpik shower head feels. :-)  Oh yes, I can't forget about shower/tub cleanup.  With the ability to take the shower head down with the  hose, I was able to get a thorough clean all around the tub.  Before this new shower head, I could only wash away the shower cleaner I sprayed in a few spots that the shower head could bend and clean around.  Then, I would have to follow up with a manual washing and scrubbing to remove the soap debris.  What a pain in the neck this was!  But, now I can say goodbye to this nuisance, thanks to our new massaging shower head.

So, if you looking to update your shower head and replace it with an eco-friendly massager shower head, why not check out the product offering from Waterpik?  Before being asked to review this shower head, I only thought they made the water flossers for kids and adults.  But, now that I know they offer these amazing, and affordable shower heads, I plan to replace the other shower heads in our house with them.  This and other Waterpik massaging shower heads would also make for a great gift idea this year for older adults with special bathing needs, for parents with young children looking to make bath time easier, or as a way for busy moms (and dads) to enjoy a few relaxing minutes of pampering.  See, you don't have to pay top dollar at a spa to enjoy a rejuvenating and oh-so deserved shower experience. Let the Waterpik Elite shower head offer you a luxury shower experience at home. 

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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