Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas -- Amazing String-less Balloons from Fantastic Floatables (Review)

 "Nothing Else Like It On Earth.

1,000 Times More Fun Than A Balloon On A String!

"Every Earthling Should Own One!"

Do you have any upcoming holiday parties or gatherings planned?  Will there be balloons there?  The reason I ask is that I recently had the opportunity to try out these cool string-less balloons from Fantastic Floatables, and found these Helium powered toys to be much more fun than the regular string balloons we are all accustomed to blowing up and trying to things as a means of decorating.  What sets Fantastic Floatables apart from other balloons you may be familiar with, is that these are not just for decoration, but are a great toy for both young and old to enjoy. 

Have you ever wished balloons could do more than just hover in the air connected to a string.  Well, with Fantastic Floatables, your wish is granted, as these balloons can hover without a string and can even follow you around the house.  Yes, you read that right, they can cruise around the house without a need for batteries or you pushing along.  Anyone who sees these balloons in action are mesmerized.  I know, as I was sent a sampling of Fantastic Floatables to try out, and used during Arabella's recent birthday party.  As guests walked into the living room, they were greeted by Super Nova, an Alien Invader, a festive Mickey Mouse, along with a Jolly snowman and a red candy swirl.  Little ones were amazed at how the balloons hovered in the air, and then when they began to cruise around the room, everyone would giggle and then get up and follow along.

After reviewing this balloons, I don't know how I could ever go back to the regular old balloon, which now seem less appealing and not entertaining.  Yes, they may look nice all bunched together with their bright colors, but beyond that they cannot entertain guests, or get them talking like the Fantastic Floatables did.

So, how do these string-less Helium powered toys to work?

"Every Fanatastic Floatable comes with a "No Strings Attached" weight control system.  By simply removing the perforated tabs from the toy, you are in complete control of how high they fly.  Each tab will adjust the height by approx. 1-2 feet, so you can make it float lower, so small children can play with them, or higher so they are out of the child's reach, to drive them crazy?

Most of the Fantastic Floatables will last 2-7 weeks on one fill, depending on its size and shape.  All of our floatables make it to week 6 before they started to slowly hover near the ground.  And, what I love best about these helium powered toys is that they are refillable.  So, no need to continually buy balloons or other party decorations.  Simply order Fantastic Floatables for different seasons and occasion, pack away and pull out and use again, year after year.  


Note, to get them to follow you: "There should be no fans or air-conditioners or heat blowers on in the room. Adjust the Floatables height to about waist level (2-1/2 to 3 feet high) where they will get caught up in the invisible air currents caused by the rising plume of air off our bodies that's almost 100 degrees (98.6) in temperature which is pulling in cooler air to replace it at about waist height. They will find you.... Possibly pester you.
Not only are Fantastic Floatables fascinating just to watch, they also visually demonstrate changes in weather and temperature and the flow of air currents throughout your house."

Don't wait to order these helium power toys, as they will surely be a hit during the holidays.  You can choose from holiday themed balloons, as well as characters.  After browsing Fantastic Floatables online store, I couldn't believe all the options they had available.  The hard part will be choosing the ones that fit your party theme or family's interest.  I can't wait to pick up more of these for Savannah's birthday next year, as guests from Arabella's birthday party, continue to ask about them. :-)  


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Click here to order Fantastic Floatables today -- Prices vary, depending on style and quantity ordered.  Most average $4.99-$5.99.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. These balloons sound amazing! Perfect for birthday parties and just because.