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Holiday Gift Ideas: Little Pnuts: Educational Toy Subscription Service for Children Ages 0-5 yrs. old (Review)


As you know, I love spotlighting moms who come up with great inventions and services.  So, it is only fitting that I include a mom entrepreneur in my holiday gift guide.  Today, I wanted to introduce you to Melissa Pia Bossola Beese, founder of Little Pnuts.  If you love monthly subscription programs and have infants and toddlers, then you will want to check out Melissa's Little Pnuts service. 


"Little Pnuts offers 3 unique Special Delivery programs to choose from in addition to member only Special Occasion Add-ons. Each Special Delivery features products thoughtfully curated by our experts. Each delivery will also include a newsletter featuring descriptions of your product, helpful expert advice, playtime suggestions, brand information and a way to provide feedback on your delivery. Your opinions and suggestions are the key to our continuing to provide you with the best toys and to enhance your community experience with other parents."

Once your order is placed, you just have to sit back and wait for the box to arrive.  Then, great ready for some fun with your little ones.  Melissa has tried out and every toy that she includes in these monthly boxes with her children, Boo and Finn.  Melissa's focus is on developmental toys, which are not only fun for little ones to play with, but are also a great educational toy, that will help their build proper developmental skills.  

"Then, each quarter (March, June, September & December) your child will receive a new Special Delivery filled with beautiful eco-friendly toys (3-5 toys in each delivery that are curated specifically to meet your Little Pnuts developmental milestones and encourage imaginative play and thinking. No matter their age, from birth until 5 years old, we have toys that will suit each phase of development from infant to toddler through preschool age."

I was sent the Little Pnuts toddler box to review with Savannah, and can't tell you how much we both had in playing with the toys included in the shipment.  This delivery included three wooden toys, which Savannah didn't have, nor had I seen in stores or online.  Here are just a few photos I took of Savannah playing with her new toys:

Not shown was the Jungle Perles Bead set from Djeco, which came both felt leaves and colorful wooden and felt adorned jungle animals that she could string with the green shoe-string type laces included.  Every time I tried to take a picture of her with this toy, Arabella would charge right in and want to play.  But, because she is too young and could put the pieces in her mouth, I reserve this toy for mommy and me time with Savannah, to be used with Arabella is napping.  I didn't want to delay the review post as I waited to take a photo of Savannah playing with this fun jungle bead set.

I have to say as a parent who is always looking for great toys (a plus when they are eco-friendly) for my daughters, it is hard to find ones that are both fun and stimulating.  On numerous occasions, I have bought toys that described on their packaging how they can be used to meet developmental milestones in a child's life, only to be disappointed with it.  Either my daughters were not engaged enough and walked away from the toy after a few minutes.  Or, when playing with them, I didn't notice how skill building perks of the toy.  

But, after stumbling upon Little Pnuts and reading Melissa's story about how she tries each with her child, and includes only toys that will help little ones with their developmental milestones, I knew I had finally found a service that could provide me with great toys, while saving me on the legwork of researching and reading reviews from other moms.  And, based on the response I saw from both Savannah and Arabella with the three toys in the Little Pnuts Special Delivery we received, I now have a great mompreneur service to share with other moms, including you.  I will definitely be signing up the girls for future special deliveries from Little Pnuts. :-)  Will you?

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So, if you are looking for a fun gift to give your children, grandchildren, or special child ages 0-5 years old in your life, this holiday season, why not consider signing them up for Little Pnuts? 

Choose from one of three payment options:

For US subscribers you may choose from one of two payment options, a one time annual payment at checkout, Annual Payment of $240, or a monthly option of $25/month, spreading your subscription fee over 12 monthly payments, Monthly Payment.

For International subscribers, you have one option to choose from, International Subscription, you pay a one time annual payment at check out and your International shipping fees will be billed to the credit card on file, each quarter, prior to your Special Delivery being shipped.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Little Pnuts today to sign up -- http://littlepnuts.comAfterwards, sit back and wait for your child's first Little Pnuts box to arrive.  Then, get ready for the fun to begin. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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