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Win Some Great Prizes by Entering the Torani Holiday Cheers Recipe Contest (Review)

Spread Some Cheer with the Torani Holiday Cheers Recipe Contest

"Psst! Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Have you tried Torani? Torani inspires you to taste life, one flavorful experience at a time. From flavors like Sugar Free Salted Caramel to Pumpkin Spice to Toasted Marshmallow, Torani Flavor Syrups will dazzle your palette and delight your guests.

Torani wants to hear how you use their Syrups to turn your everyday coffee and recipes into your everyday treat! Share your recipes with Torani for a chance to win special Mr. Coffee prizes along with your favorite Torani Syrups."

How to Enter:
Prize*: Starting November 12, 2012 you’ll have the chance to win special Mr. Coffee prizes along with your favorite Torani Syrups each week! This contest runs till December 9, 2012 so we want to see all the recipes you have incorporating Torani.


My Thoughts about Torani Syrups:

I have been buying an using Torani Syrups for the past few years, and love how they now come in regular and sugar-free versions.  Whenever family and friends come for parties and get togethers, they know I will have a sampling of Torani Syrups on hand.  These flavored syrups, if you are not familiar with them, can be used to add a new dimension to hot and cold beverages, to create new drinks, as well as incorporated into some of your favorite recipes.

With the holidays fast approaching, I have already begun stocking up on popular Torani Syrups that have been hits in years past, including hazelnut, french vanilla, gingerbread and pumpkin pie.  And, just the other day, I was sent a package from SheSpeaks, as I was selected to take part in their campaign to promote the Torani Holiday Cheers Contest.  Included in the packages was a 750 ml bottle of sugar free pumpkin pie Torani Syrup and a 750 ml bottle of regular hazelnut syrup.  I then headed to the Torani website and printed off a few recipes from their recipe section to try out with these samples.  Here are two recipes that caught my eye:


1 Tbsp. Torani Tiramisu syrup + 4 Tbsp. Torani Hazelnut syrup
4 large eggs, separated + 1/2 cup brandy, less 1 Tbsp
1 lb Mascarpone cheese + 1/2 cup granulated sugar
2-3 oz. packs ladyfingers
2 shots strong espresso, cooled or 2 1/2 tablespoons instant coffee dissolved in 1/2 cup boiling water
3-1 oz. squares bittersweet chocolate, grated
Un-sweetened cocoa powder for dusting


Add brandy to egg yolks and blend well. Add mascarpone cheese and blend until smooth. Blend in the Torani Tiramisu syrup. Whip the egg whites until frothy, gradually adding the sugar. Continue beating until stiff. Fold egg white mixture into cheese mixture and blend gent. Arrange half the ladyfingers flat side down in an 11\" x 7\" x 2\" baking dish. Blend coffee with Torani Hazelnut syrup. Brush the ladyfingers with a pastry brush dipped in the coffee mixture (don't saturate the ladyfingers) Pour half the cheese mixture over the ladyfingers and sprinkle with half of the grated chocolate. Repeat with remaining ladyfingers, moistening with the coffee mixture. Add remaining cheese mixture and sprinkle with the rest of the grated chocolate. Dust with sifted un-sweetened cocoa powder Refrigerate 4 to 6 hours or overnight.

Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate

image left top
1 oz. Torani Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Sauce
1/2 oz. Torani Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup
8 oz. milk


Steam milk and Torani together. Pour into a tall glass and stir gently.

After my husband got home and we had dinner, I headed into the kitchen to try out these recipes while he played with the girls.  I love trying out new recipes and sharing my creations with family and friends.  And, with Thanksgiving a couple of days away, I thought what better way to share my love for baking and Torani syrups, than by showcasing a few new recipes, in addition to having these samples and other bottles of Torani syrups on hand for guests to add flavor to their drinks?  Once I was done baking the tiramisu and making the pumpkin pie hot chocolate wash it down, I couldn't wait to try them with my husband.  We both enjoyed them, and there were no leftovers.  I guess I will be adding these recipes to my Thanksgiving dessert menu.  If you are looking for a fun and easy way to spice up your drinks, or like to try new recipes, then head on over to Torani and browse their extensive recipe selection.  Then, head to your local retailer to pick up a couple of bottles of Torani Syrups to have on hand.  I can't wait to hear which recipes you try and how how you incorporate Torani in your drinks, etc.  So, please share!!! :-) And, make sure to enter your unique Torani inspired recipes in their Torani Holiday Cheers Contest to win some great prizes!!!


Enter the Torani Holiday Cheers Contest! Just tell them how you use Torani Syrups to turn your everyday coffee (and recipes) into your everyday treat!

Starting November 12th you’ll have the chance to win special Mr. Coffee prizes along with your favorite Torani Syrups each week! This contest runs till December 9th, so try out some recipes incorporating Torani this upcoming Thanksgiving and then submit to win some great prizes.  For contest rules please visit: 

About Torani:
Since 1925, 3rd generation family-owned Torani has been crafting great tasting flavored syrups that coffeehouses use to make their flavored drinks taste so delicious. With over 120 flavors in Regular and Sugar Free varieties, Torani flavored syrups are perfect for flavored lattes, mochas, coffees, cocoas, Italian sodas, teas, lemonades, cocktails and smoothies. Coffeehouse professionals choose Torani flavors because they are expertly crafted and made with the highest quality ingredients, like natural flavors and pure cane sugar. The Sugar Free flavors have no calories and are sweetened with Splenda. Now, Torani flavored syrups are widely available at retail so you can easily create authentic coffeehouse quality drinks at home.

Disclosure: I was chosen as part of SheSpeaks sponsored Torani campaign to share information about this holiday contest.  I was sent samples to help facilitate my post and review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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