Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who Knew I Would Be Raving About Trash Bags? Thanks Glad Black Bags (Review)

Now I am not one to usually rave about trash bags of all things, but after the recent Hurricane Sandy storm that swept up the East Coast, I can't stop raving about Glad Black Bags.  I was sent a sample box for review recently as part of a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Glad, and used them for everything -- from picking up small branches and debris in the yard to tossing spoiled food from the refrigerator.  No matter what I threw in these stretchable, yet durable trash bags, they were not going to break through the bag, which was amazing.  Just look at how well made these trash bags are up close:


Extra-strong bags to handle your tough trash!
  • 3-ply strength to avoid messy trash disasters.
  • Strong drawstring makes closing easy and dependable
  • Large sizes can handle big trash loads
  • Available in 30-gallon and 33-gallon sizes
And, then this past weekend, my parents came to visit and celebrate Arabella's first birthday with us.  You would have thought it was Christmas will all the gifts that they bought, and we had given Arabella.  And, like Christmas the gift wrap had to be placed somewhere -- so, I reached for a Glad Black Bag.  Once all the gifts were opened, the wrapping paper and boxes fit nicely in one trash bag.  This made cleanup a breeze, and when it came time to separate for recycling, my husband didn't have any problems when bringing the trash bag outside.

 the true test of the strength and durability of these trash bags came the eve before trash day.  We have a group of pesky dogs that like to roam the neighborhood and tear open trash bags looking for scraps.  And, come morning, if we put out our trash the night before, half of it would usually be in the driveway.  But, this time, the trash was still at the curb, just as we had left it, while the neighbor across the street was out rebagging his torn open trash bags.

How can I go back to the old trash bags we used, that claimed they were durable and locked in odors -- but, did neither.  I feel like a kid again, trying to see what I can fill the Glad Black Bags with, in hopes of disproving how strong and durable they are. So far they are holding up to everything I throw away -- even leaves.  And, with the holidays fast approaching, I will definitely be picking up another box of these trash bags to have on hand for gift wrap disposal, etc.  

The one thing that amazes me each week come trash day, is how much trash two adults and two young children can make.  I could fill a whole trash bag full of dirty diapers, and another with empty formula cans and baby food jars and pouches.  It is truly amazing to see the amount of trash we accumulate in only one week. Yikes!  But, thanks to Glad and their Black Bags, our messes are under control.  Are you shocked each week, like I am, at how much trash you end up putting out at the curb?  How do you handle controlling the mess and disposing of properly?  Is there a certain trash bag you have come to rely on?  If you struggle to keep the mess at bay due to poor quality trash bags, why not give Glad Black Bags a try?  I know you will be impressed at how well they hold up, to even the toughest messes.  And, you will be like me and raving about your trash bags.  :-)

Glad has partnered with Mom of four and reality TV star Tori Spelling to host OMG Extra: After the Wild Life, a fun Facebook series featuring the lovable, messy animals from last year's mock reality series The Wild Life. Whether a child or spouse who wreaks havoc, we can all relate to messy family members.  So, head on over to Facebook and "like" Glad's fan page.  While you are there, make sure you play the ‘Missing in the Mess’ game as well! 

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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