Monday, November 5, 2012

THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL: 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION -- Arriving on Blu-ray Tomorrow (Review)

"Greetings, holiday movie fans and lovers of culture, I am Gonzo … or perhaps better known to fans of this classic motion picture as literary legend Charles Dickens. Are you ready to laugh, cry, sing, frolic, cavort and enjoy yourself beyond belief!? Well, you’re in luck, because this 20th Anniversary Edition of Disney’s “The Muppet Christmas Carol” is guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit that will stay with you forever—or at least until your Aunt Edna starts complaining that nobody is eating the fruitcake she brought … again!"

I can't help but get into the holiday spirit.  Today, I received a tree I will be reviewing as part of my holiday gift guide, and this past weekend we spent watching holiday movies, snuggled up on the couch sipping hot chocolates and having fresh baked cookies (thanks to Savannah and Daddy).  One of the movies we watched was "The Muppet Christmas Carol," which is set to release tomorrow on Blu-Ray for the first time.

Now, I have seen this holiday movie for over 20 years -- as it has become tradition in our house to watch a few times during the holiday season.  But, it was the first time we shared the movie with the girls. It took a little while for Savannah to warm up to the Muppets, are she wasn't familiar with them.  But, like many of us, she instantly fell in love Kermit the Frog when she saw the lovable green frog appear on the television.  It didn't take long for her to remember his name, and now every time she sees him in the movie or elsewhere, she says "Kermie!"  :-)

I am not going to bore you with the movie, as I am guessing most of you have heard about or seen this adaptation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."  It amazes how many movies are based off of this timeless classic.  And, the Muppets did an amazing job in sharing the story in such as way that young viewers and old will enjoy this film for years to come.  Come on, how could you resist having Gonzo the Great narrate this tale, while Kermit the Frog assumes the role of Bob Cratchit.  All your favorite Muppets characters are present in this movie, and will delight all that watch it.

Bob Cratchit (Kermit the Frog)

The overall quality of the film is amazing, and the picture looks crisp and sharp.  As for the bonus features included on this upcoming 20th Anniversary Special edition Blu-Ray release, they include the following:
  • Disney Intermission—An all-new bonus feature. When the film is paused, fans can watch and “cluck-a-long” to five classic holiday-themed songs performed by the Muppets Chickens and chums.
  • Audio Commentary—All-new audio commentary with fan-favorite characters, Kermit, Rizzo, Gonzo, and more, all reflecting on their experience making “The Muppet Christmas Carol.”
  • Frogs, Pigs and Humbug: Unwrapping a New Holiday Classic. A Behind the Scenes Look—Hosted by director Brian Henson, Gonzo and Rizzo fans go behind-the-scenes of the making of “The Muppet Christmas Carol.”
  • Blooper Reel: “On the Set” Bloopers from the set of the film.
  • Pepe Profiles Gonzo:  “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Weirdo”—A special look at the man, the myth, the legend the Great Gonzo, hosted by the one and only Pepe the King Prawn.
  • Christmas Around the World—Gonzo and Rizzo take a look at how Christmas is celebrated all over the planet.

We especially loved the blooper reel, which is hosted by Gonzo and Rizzo.  Another favorite bonus feature of ours was the "Christmas Around the World," which also features Gonzo and Rizzo as they travel the world sharing the traditions and ways Christmas is celebrated worldwide.  And, watch when you pause the movie -- as you will enjoy a Muppet Intermission, which features some of your favorite Muppets singing holiday carols as they wait for you to resume the film.  Savannah loved this feature, and would have us pause the movie, just so she could dance around.

Overall, I am so glad we had the opportunity to watch "The Muppet Christmas, and am looking forward to watching it again and again with my daughters each and every holiday season.  Why not pick up a copy of this new release, which is also available on DVD, to share with your family this holiday season?

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this movie from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I love Miss Piggy! I've been a fan of hers since I was a kid!