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Holiday Gift Ideas -- SodaSparkle -- Your Own Homemade Soda Maker (Review)

Single Bottle Starter Kit

With SodaSparkleTM, turning tap water into easy-to-make carbonated soft drinks, sparkling water and non-alcoholic cocktails at home has never been so easy, healthy or affordable.

I don't know about you, but the one thing that I hate when planning gatherings is trying to get drinks that everyone -- from children to adults -- can enjoy.  Take for instance Arabella's makeup birthday party a few weeks ago.  With over a dozen people here, in addition to my husband, my two daughters and myself, I ended up having two coolers full of sodas, juices, sparkling water, water, in addition to wines and beer for adults.  Each of these options meant me having to carry them from the store to the car, into the house, and upstairs to the kitchen.  What a pain -- literally.  And, I notice that even though I buy and have on hand an assortment of drinks, a handful of people are without drinks that they usually consume at home.  Ahh, frustrating. 

But, this past Thanksgiving, I couldn't wait to see what people's reactions were when they came to find only one machine, the SodaSparkle, where the coolers usually are.  At first, they scratched their heads, as they had never seen this machine before.  Then, they wondered how this one machine would satisfy each of their tastes.  After a quick demonstration, they were all eager to give it a try and make a drink for themselves.  Even though the children couldn't wait to give it a go, I think the adults were more eager and excited to try out the SodaSparkle.

Here is a quick video from the vendor showing you how easy it is to use their machine to make drinks for everyone.

Because I had so many people looking to try out the machine, we ended up having them create a drink for themselves, by simply pouring the contents of the flavor sticks into their glasses.  "The SodaSparkle offers a wide range of fresh, natural and sugar-free flavors in easy to use, perfectly measured single or family-size portions. SodaSparkle™ currently offers packs of 10 individual bottle-serves and 60 individual or assorted natural flavors including: Lemon, Apple, Lychee, Pineapple, Tonic, Cola/Lemon and more."  I think the SodaSparkle was the hit of the party.  Yes, everyone enjoyed the turkey and all fixings, but they kept heading downstairs to the bar to make their very own drinks.  I even overhead a few people telling their spouses and parents that they wanted the SodaSparkle machine for Christmas.  It was hard to say which flavors the guests liked best, as they were too busy sampling each of the flavors. :-)

Just look at the benefits of the SodaSparkle, compared to buying drinks at the market:

  • Healthy, fun and easy-to-make soda drinks at home including carbonated soda drinks, sparkling water and non-alcoholic cocktails;
  • NO added preservatives, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors, NO joking – just sugar-free natural and delicious flavors, in perfectly measured single or family-size serves;
  • Convenience and cost-efficiency that ensures trips to the grocery store are lighter, cheaper and eliminate heavy bottles to carry home;
  • Cost savings of up to 50% on the purchase of bottled sparkling water and soft drinks from the supermarket;
  • An environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water and soft drinks as it is recyclable, re-useable and most importantly, eliminates the use of plastic bottles at home;
  • A family-sized 1.3 litre bottle with a small, portable home soda machine that is safe and fun to use and easy to store; and
  • Disposable and recyclable CO2 charges that are more convenient, more cost and energy efficient than buying bottled drinks and large gas chargers from the supermarket.

As the party winded down and the last guest left, I went down to the bar to clean up.  Instead of having to throw out and recycle bags and bags of empty bottles, cans, etc. like I did in the past when I had coolers filled with drinks, this time clean up was a breeze.  When everyone was done with the flavor sticks, they had disposed of them in the trash.  And, because kept getting refills in their cups, I didn't go through as many paper cups like before.  Ahh, not only were my guests happy, as they each were able to make a drink that they enjoyed, but I didn't have to deal will the hassles of buying and lugging home dozens of sodas and juices.  This machine is a must have for any mom looking to simplify their lives when it comes to buying drinks for family and guests to enjoy.

My niece asked me if she could borrow the machine for an upcoming sleepover she was having, as she thought it would be a fun addition to her pizza party.  She is only 12 yrs. old, but was able to operate the SodaSparkle without a problem, as was her 8 year old brother, and the other children we had over.  This alone also makes moms of tweens/teens happy to know that they can satisfy their child's sweet tooth for juice or soda, while not having to buy bottles or cases of drinks.  I know for me, I like to have a soda here and there for a treat, as does my husband.  But, I hate to buy a case or bottle, only to have it go to waste.  And, my daughters both drink juices and water, so I am starting to see the need to buy a sampling of beverages for all to enjoy.  Now, however, seeing that the SodaSparkle was a hit, even with my children, I simply have to buy flavor sticks and refill CO2 chargers, along with my bottled water (as we don't use water from the well/tap), and we are good to go.  How great is that?  Do you find yourself buying various beverages at the market and having to lug them home?  If you said "yes," then why not consider giving the SodaSparkle a try?  Not only will you cut down on waste and recyclables, but after sampling each of the flavor sticks that were included in the starter kit, that these carbonated drinks taste even better than the ones you get in the store.  And, with the holidays right around the corner, the SodaSparkle would be great to have on hand for family gatherings, or to give as a hostess gift.  Oh, don't forget to ask Santa for it, too. :-)  I know you will fall in love with the SodaSparkle as did my family (and extended family).  You, too, will wonder how you ever lived without it.

---BUY NOW---

Single Bottle Starter Kit

You can purchase the Single Bottle Starter Kit for only $49.99. 

This Kit Includes:
1 x SodaSparkle Machine
1 x 1.3 liter bottle (light fizz)
5 x CO2 chargers
15 x single serve packs starter kit (3 single serve packs x 5 flavors)


You can purchase the Dual Bottle Starter Kit for $59.99.

This Kit Includes:
1 x SodaSparkle Machine
1 x 1.3 liter bottle (light fizz)
1 x 1 liter bottle (extra fizz)
5 x CO2 chargers
15 x single serve packs starter kit (3 single serve packs x 5 flavors)

Both can be purchased through the SodaSparkle website -- -- , along with refill flavor sticks, CO2 chargers and other SodaSparkle supplies.  It is your one stop shop for homemade soda making. :-)

About SodaSparkle:

"SodaSparkleTM is transforming the world of soft drinks and sparkling mineral waters by bringing an advanced, environmentally friendly, fresh tasting and affordable technology to consumers´ homes. Launched in 2012, the revolutionary portable eco-design includes reusable, BPA free, PET bottle, disposable and recyclable CO2 soda chargers and a wide range of sugar-free, natural flavors with no added preservatives, available in perfectly measured single and family size servings, making home-made drinks an easy, safe and fun process for everyone. SodaSparkleTM is at the forefront of the soda drinks market and the best eco-alternative on offer.:

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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