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Holiday Gift Ideas -- Don't Forget Your Furry Friends This Howliday! (Review)

Even though we have two daughters now, our rescue pups will always be our children, and as such get treated to holiday presents at Christmas.  This will be the first year we will not have Manny with us, as we had to put him down at the end of the summer due to health problems.  But, he will not be forgotten as his ornaments hang prominently front and center on our tree, as well as a photo of my husband and three dogs last Christmas. :-)


When it comes to getting gifts for Abby and Lily, I make a point to get them some of their favorite foods and treats, as well as a few toys for them to enjoy.  These past few months have been crazy as I have been prepping and reviewing items for inclusion in my holiday gift guide.  The gods would watch me carry in box after box of products, mainly toys for the girls.  But, on a few occasions, it was like Christmas come early, as the dogs received samples to try.  And, when I showed them their treats, they couldn't resist helping me review these products prior to me adding them to my gift guide.  

Here are some of the samples that were sent for them to review.  Because they can't speak, I can't get a thorough review out of them.  But, based on their licking of the whiskers and wagging of the tails, I could tell they enjoyed each and everything that came their way. :-)

Simple Turkey & Potato Formula

Our Natural, Limited-Ingredient Diet for Dogs with Food Sensitivities or Food Allergies

› High Quality Turkey as the First Ingredient
› Formulated with Limited Ingredients for Food Sensitivities
› Contains No: Gluten, Wheat or Grains
› Easily Digestible Formula with Probiotics and Prebiotics
› Nourishes Healthy Skin with Flaxseed
› No Fillers or Artificial Additives
› Complete Natural Nutrition with Complementary Canned Dog Food

Available in: 26 lb., 10 lbs. 8 oz & 4 lbs. 8 oz. bags.

Learn more about Wellness Pet Food here:

My Thoughts:  

After dealing with Manny's food and other allergies, we ended up switching to the dogs to more healthier dry dog food.  It was hard to find a brand that was all natural and that the dogs enjoyed eating.  While Manny was a on a special prescription blend food, the girls would be picky when it came to dry foods we put in front them. We narrowed down that they enjoyed chicken or turkey, over beef and seafood flavors.  But, time and time again, they would sniff and then walk away from the dish of dry food we put out.  So, when I was sent a sample of Simple Turkey and Potato formula from Wellness Pet Foods, I wasn't sure how they would react, and if they would enjoy it.  As soon as I opened the bag and filled their bowls, the girls came running over.  Within a matter of minutes their bowls were empty and they were looking for more.  Because this was new food for them, I didn't want to give them too much at once, and worked up over the course of a couple of weeks, the right amount for their weight and age.  I found this found was easily digestible for Abby. Usually, if she eats to fast, she takes in too much and vomits up her food.  But, with this new dry food, I didn't notice any issues.  And, both Abby and Lily's skin looked and felt smoother and healthier, thanks in part to the natural ingredients of this dry dog food.

Since receiving a sample bag over a month ago, I have since had to go out and buy more, as they can't get enough of this brand.  It is such a good feeling as a dog owner to be able to offer dog food that is natural and doesn't contain unneccesary additives, etc.

Chicken & Lamb Jerky 

All-Natural Delicious Jerky Bits for Dogs.
Pure Rewards® are the simplest way to treat your pet to highly flavorful, protein-packed jerky bits.
  • More Than 90% Meat
  • Limited ingredients
  • Grain-Free
  • Wheat-Free
  • Perfect for Training
  • Contains No Artificial Colors or Flavors

Available in: 6 oz.

My Thoughts:

What dog doesn't like treats?  Each time our dogs come in from doing their business, I reward them with a treat.  So, when I offered up a Pure Rewards Chicken and Lamb Jerky treat from Wellness Pet Foods, I knew they would be over the moon...and, they were!  This grain free dog treat was a hit and made the girls do some of their tricks like sitting and giving paw, just to get another. :-)  Again, I have since gone out to restock on this dog treat, and will be surprising them with a few bags in their stockings this Christmas. 


"Be Happy is a new pet food brand by Nestle Purina PetCare Company that celebrates happiness as a way of seeing the world. The brand has infused that philosophy into the packaging for its 100 percent complete and balanced dry dog and cat food varieties, and into its social media properties, including its Facebook page and mobile photo app.

Be Happy is a dry pet food available nationwide in cat and dog formulas. It helps support strong bones and teeth, healthy vision, and healthy skin and coat. In addition, the brand offers the Purina Happiness Guarantee: if a consumer is not completely satisfied with his or her experience, Be Happy will provide a refund."

Be Happy is available in two varieties for cats:
  • Deep Sea Duos Crunchies with Ocean Fish and Salmon Flavors
  • Poultry Pair-adise Crunchies  with Chicken and Turkey Flavors
Be Happy is available in two varieties for dogs:
  • Beef Flavor
  • Chicken Flavor
For more product information about Be Happy, please visit For social engagement, please visit us at

My Thoughts:

This was another dry food sample I received, and was surprised to see the girls gobble up. I was sent their new chicken flavor for the dogs, and was amazed at how fresh and natural it smelled.  Usually when you open a bag of dry dog food, you can smell all the processed and unnatural additives that brands add to their products.  But, this was didn't have that strong smell. And, the dogs were front and center devouring the food like it was a treat.  For picky eaters, I am happy to say that Be happy from Purina was a hit with them. :-)


My Thoughts:

With all the monthly subscription boxes for humans, it was only fitting to offer a box for our furry friends.  BarkBox did just that with their monthly sampler box for dogs.  I was sent their October box for review, and was pleased with the offering.  Included in my box was coupons and a gift card for dog products, as well as dog treats and toys.  Luckily my two dogs are small, so they were able to share the goodies included in their first monthly subscription box from BarkBox.  And, because it was such a hit with them, I purchased November's box as a Thanksgiving gift for them.  I have to say my favorite item in this box was the plastic mustache chewy.  Lily took took to this chew toy and would walk around the house showing off her mustache. :-)  Unfortunately, each time I went to take a photo of her for the post, she would see the camera and lunge at it.  I guess she wasn't ready for her close up.  

Overall, the assortment and selection of products that make up each BarkBox are worth the $29. monthly subscription rate.  I ended up redeeming a $10 gift card to an online dog treat vendor to buy additional treats for their stockings, thanks to the gift card and sample I was sent as part of my November BarkBox.  Note that if you have big dogs, you will want to order the "Just Right" or "Big and Bold" box options, as the samples in the "Small and cute" box are tailored to small and would not satisfy their large appetites.  But, my little ones simply loved sniffing and pawing their way through two months worth of sample boxes from BarkBox.

Pricing:  One month is only $29, while 3 months will run you $22/month.  Or, if you subscribe for a 6 month plan, the price drops to only $17.50/month.  All boxes are shipped with FREE SHIPPING.  Click here to sign up now --


So, while you are out shopping for friends and family this holiday season, don't forget about the furry friends at home, who are waiting to smother you with unconditional love and countless licks. :-)  They also deserve to find a few gifts under the treat and a stocking full of treats and toys.



If you remember a few months back, I shared a few posts about Cesar dog food and their new line of wet food for dogs.  Well, after talking the folks at Cesar, I am happy to say that they want to give four (4) lucky readers a chance to win a sampler of their Cesar Savory Delights dog food.  If you have dogs, then this is one giveaway you want to enter on their behalf. :-)  

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from vendors in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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