Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas -- Chronology from Buffalo Games (Review)

Buffalo Games

Chronology is the game about putting famous and fun events into a timeline. No need to know specific dates, just the correct sequence!


Does your family enjoy game night at your house?  If so, then I have a great game for you -- Chronology by Buffalo Games.  Not familiar with this game?  Here is the gist about the game:

"Millions of people have played Chronology through the years. It’s the game about putting famous and fun events into a timeline – though you don’t need to know any specific dates. So you think mayonnaise was invented after the telephone. But was it before or after Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address? Was Seinfeld’s series finale before or after Dolly the sheep was cloned? Guess right about where the event falls and your timeline grows, but a bigger timeline means it’s tougher to correctly place the next event. It’s a simple premise that’s deviously challenging. The first player to create a timeline of 10 event cards wins, and with more than 850 events and facts, the combinations are endless."

We ended up playing this a few times this past week and can't get enough of it.  It is a mix of a fun party game, with a trivia challenge mixed in, making it a great game for everyone in the family to enjoy.  Just tonight, we had a house full of people over and paired adults up with tweens/teens.  Because you don't need to know specific years, the kids don't feel intimidated or get frustrated trying to figure out exact dates.  With the parent/child teams we had set up, this made the game even more fun.  By the end of the game, both adults and children will learn interesting facts and be surprised at when things happened. 

Game play progresses nicely, and even though the winner needs to get 10 events in order correct, the game doesn't drag on, which I have found with out sequence games.  Overall, this has been one of the best combination games I have played with family and friends in a long time, and can it being a hit and one game that will be requested at every family game night.  So, if you like games with trivia involved, then you will love Chronology by Buffalo Games.

----BUY NOW----

You can pick up Chronology and other games from Buffalo Games through their online shop --  This game retails for only $29.95, and will provide hours of fun. 

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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