Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas -- Auntie Anne's At Home Pretzel Bake Kits (Review)

Every Friday night after dinner in our house is bake night with Savannah.  After helping to make cupcakes a couple of months ago with me, I saw how excited our 2 1/2 yr. got baking in the kitchen with Mommy (and Daddy).  And, from then on, Savannah always asks to help when she sees me making something or asks for cupcakes or cookies.  Not only is baking with your children a fun way to introduce them to the kitchen and bond together, but you can also use this time into educational exercises.  For example, when I am making cupcakes with Savannah, I have her line the cupcake tin with the cupcake liners. As she puts each one into its cup, I have her count out loud.  So far Savannah can count to twelve, thanks in part to her time in the kitchen helping me make cupcakes.  And, as I fill each cup, Savannah continues her counting.  Then, we put the trays in the oven and she helps me set the microwave timer, by pointing to the right numbers.

So, after being all cupcaked out recently, I began looking online for other fun at-home baking kits that I could do with her, and stumbled across Auntie Anne's at-home pretzel kits.  

Gingerbread Baking Kit

Auntie Anne's At-Home Baking Kit

Apple Cinnamon Baking Kit

If you frequent your local mall, then you probably have walked by an Auntie Anne's stand in or near the food court.  Their pretzels used to be a guilty pleasure of mine while pregnant with Arabella.  I always wondered when buying their unsalted pretzels, how they were made, and if I could make them just as good at home.  Now thanks to this at-home kit, I can finally make my own Auntie Anne's pretzels, in a variety of flavors at home.  And, Savannah can help me prepare the dough and shape the pretzels.  


I was sent their near apple cinnamon pretzel at-home kit to try out, and loved not only how the pretzels tasted, but also how great it made the kitchen smell.  Even though fall is over, and the apples have fallen from the trees, I can still enjoy the fresh baked taste of apples and cinnamon in this easy to prepare pretzel (or even monkey bread) recipe.  Savannah had a blast shaping her own pretzels, and seeing them expand and get golden brown in the oven.  As for taste, Savannah summed it up for all of us after she took her first bite, and said, "Yum!" as she rubbed her belly. :-)

If you have children who love to help in the kitchen, or are looking for a way to introduce your child(ren) to baking, these at-home kits from Auntie Anne's would be a great way to get them involved and excited.  I can't wait to try the gingerbread flavored pretzel kit, now that winter is here.  Who wouldn't want to smell gingerbread in the air, as homemade pretzels rise and become golden delicious treats for the whole family to enjoy?  If they are anything like Auntie Anne's apple cinnamon pretzels, there will not be any leftovers. :-) Also, I plan to pick up another apple cinnamon pretzel kit and make monkey bread with it. Mmm, I am getting hungry just thinking about this ooey gooey treat. :-)


You can pick up Auntie Anne's At-Home Bake Kits at your local Auntie Anne's stand, as well as through various major retailers including Bed Bath and Beyond and Kmart.  Click here to check out other major retailers in your area who carry these fun at-home bake kits --

Amazon has the these at-home pretzel bake kits for only $6.31 each right now --  For that price, why not pick up a few and give as gifts this holiday season, or stash in the pantry and pull out on rainy or snowy days, when the kids are looking for something to do indoors?

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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