Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fun Gift Idea for Kids -- The CuddleUppets: Blankets that are Puppets (Review)


Choose From 6 Cuddly Friends 

Recognized by industry experts such as Dr. Toy, PTPA Media and Traveling Mom as a Top Travel Toy since the product launch in 2012, CuddleUppets are machine washable and cost less than twenty dollars, making them an affordable gift for the holidays and every day!"

Usually when I see products being sold on television, I quickly turn to another channel.  In the past I have fallen prey to watching late at night/early AM and buying a few products that I thought at the time were cool or a must need item, only to be disappointed with the quality or inability to do what it said it would in the infomercial.  But, there was one product that always caught my eye and made me wonder if the girls would love it.  I am talking about CuddleUppets, "The blankets that are puppets. You can play all day and sleep the night away.  "  You know what I am talking about.  The product jingle along will get you singing along. :-)

But, time and again, I would find myself on the fence about buying.  Would the girls like it?  I wasn't sure if they would understand the concept after seeing the commercial where it looks like the dog is giving the girl a hug at bedtime.  I thought to myself, "If Savannah gets her hands on this and notices that she has to be be the puppet master, while snuggling with her CuddleUppet friend, would she make the effort?  I was chosen to receive a sample of the CuddleUppet toy to review, and couldn't wait to see what the girls thought of it.  

I received the purple monkey CuddleUppet on Friday, and after spending a few minutes showing Savannah how to bring the blanket/puppet to life, she couldn't wait to try it out herself.  And, just the kids you see in the commercial, she was giving herself and Arabella hugs, and playing and cuddling with her new CuddleUppet friend.  I found myself singing the catchy jingle while the girls were rolling around the floor playing with it. :-)

Overall, the CuddleUppet exceeded my expectations of an "As seen on television" product, and has kept my daughters' attention.  Even though Savannah has a blast using the puppet feature, Arabella loves snuggling up in this soft, cozy blanket -- when Savannah isn't looking.  This is one toy I will have to buy a duplicate of, so they will not fight when one is using it.  

If you have been on the fence like I was about buying this toy from Jay at Play, I would say pick one up and surprise your child with it for the holidays.  I know they will love it just as much as my girls do.  Who doesn't like two products in one --- a blanket and a puppet?  I am so glad I was able to review it and and share the fun of a CuddleUppet with Savannah and Arabella. :-)


CuddleUppets are available in six varieties: Pink Poodle, Blue Elephant, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Brown Bear Green Crocodile and the newest additions Pink Ladybug and Magic Unicorn. They are available online at and in major retailers as well as Amazon, with a suggested retail value of $19.99, plus s/h.

Disclosure: I received a CuddleUppet courtesy of Jay at Play through The Blogger Connection to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. These are really cute! My son saw them on TV and he liked the Crocodile the most!