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Special K Offering Up a Healthy Snack Alternative with Their New Popcorn Chips (Review)

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"Just in time for the return of prime time television, Kellogg's® introduces the new Special K® Popcorn Chips – ideal for the evening hours when snack cravings can be hardest to resist. With two varieties that provide irresistible taste for popcorn lovers, Special K Popcorn Chips deliver satisfying crunch and 120 calories per serving of 28 chips. 

"Indulging in nighttime cravings doesn't mean you have to break the calorie bank," said Lynne Vandeveer, Senior Director for Kellogg Snacks Marketing. "With these new Popcorn Chips, Special K  makes it easier than ever to choose a delicious, low-calorie option for movie night or an evening of prime time television."

KELLOGG COMPANY POPCORN CHIPS / Just in time for the return of prime time TV and evening snacking, Kellogg\'s(R) introduces the new Special K(R) Popcorn Chips! With two varieties - Butter and Sweet & Salty - Special K Popcorn Chips provide irresistible taste and a satisfying crunch for 120 calories per serving of 28 chips. (PRNewsFoto/Kellogg Company)

Available in two delicious flavors — Butter and Sweet & Salty – Special K Popcorn Chips are made from corn and are baked, not fried. They provide full popcorn flavor with an unexpected crunch that satisfies snack cravings and enables snackers to feel good about their sensible food choice.  This latest addition to the Special K snacks line follows the incredibly successful introduction of Special K Cracker Chips. 

Scale-Friendly Snacking Tips :

Whether for a night in watching must-see TV, night out at a silver screen flick or even a day at the office, making small dietary changes can help contribute to a positive self-image. Here are some tips for keeping weight management goals in check while snacking:
  • Guzzle some bubbly... water. Swap the usual cocktail or soda for sugar-free carbonated water for a low-calorie option!
  • Skip the snack stand. Love buttery movie popcorn? Have a hankering for a box of sweets? Swap higher calorie options for Special K® Popcorn Chips in Butter or Sweet & Salty for a delicious crunch that will satisfy your cravings.
  • Keep calorie-conscious company. Invite friends for a movie night and encourage them to bring other waistline-friendly options, such as a vegetable tray and hummus.
Special K Popcorn Chips can be found now in the cracker aisles of grocery, convenience and drug stores nationwide.  For more information about new Special K Popcorn Chips and additional guilt-free and mouthwatering snacking ideas, visit"


My Thoughts:

I was recently sent both of Special K's new popcorn chips flavors to try out with my family.  We love popcorn, especially when we are watching movies together.  But, I find myself looking for a quick snack when I am tending to the girls each day, and have found these new snack chips to help satisfy my sweet and salty cravings.  And, knowing that they are good for me, I don't feel bad, when I sneak another handful. :-)

At only 120 calories per serving of 28 chips, these popcorn chips are ideal for those watching their waistline, but hate having to give up all their favorite treats.  Yes, I could reach for a popcorn rice cake, but these are so delicious, and low in calories. :-)  I love biting into each chip and hearing that crunch sound, like I was eating potato chips or another no-no snack food.  Even Savannah enjoyed these popcorn chips, with her favorite flavor being butter.  I was surprised as she doesn't usually like butter popcorn to begin with, but there was something about this chip, that made her keep reaching into the bag and asking for more.

And, a couple of weeks ago when I had the girls over to celebrate National Coffee Day, I filled a large bowl with Special K popcorn chips for those guests who were watching their waistlines.  In under an hour, the bowl was empty -- with no crumbs in site.  My friends kept raving about these chip and asking what they were.  When I told them they were a new healthy snack from Special K, (A), they didn't associate Special K with snack foods, (B) with the flavors, butter and sweet and salty, they couldn't believe they were healthy (C) and, when I told them 28 chips was only 120 calories, they thought I was lying.  So, I grabbed a new box from the pantry, as I had stocked up since trying the two sample boxes sent, and showed them.  They couldn't believe it.  And, before I could turn around to put the box away, they were asking for seconds. :-)  So, suffice to say, I am not the only person who enjoys these new and oh so tasty popcorn chips from Special K.  I even ran into a girlfriend at the supermarket on Monday, who was reaching for a box, to share with her family. She couldn't stop raving about them and was craving the butter chips.  :-)  

So, if you like crunchy snacks that are delicious, good for you and only 120 calories, why not reach for a box of Special K popcorn chips the next time you are at the supermarket.  And, don't forget to surprise your children with a bag full in their lunch box.  They will love crunching away on these tasty chips -- just like Savannah does. :-)

About Kellogg Company

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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