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Now Available on DVD -- Barbie™ The Princess & The Popstar (Review)

Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar

"This fall, Barbie gets glam and rocks out with the all new DVD movie Barbie™ The Princess & The Popstar available now. Barbie Entertainment's 24th DVD release includes Barbie-style songs and eye-popping animation that girls are sure to love. In the movie, Barbie plays princess Tori™ who dreams of leaving her royal life for the life of her favorite popstar Keira™. Simultaneously, Keira is tired of her superstar lifestyle and has dreams of becoming a real-life princess. In the end, they learn the power of friendship, the importance of being yourself and how to appreciate what they have. Girls can create their own princess and the popstar moments with a line of themed dolls and toys currently available at retailers nationwide."

My Thoughts:

Savannah is a huge fan of the new Barbie movies, since I shared the popular holiday one with her last year.  So, when I heard that Barbie: The Princess and and the Popstar was releasing on September 11th, I couldn't wait to get hold of a copy to share with her.  We received a package in the mail over the weekend with the DVD to review, along with a surprise gift for Savannah (more on that later in the post).  Once I showed Savannah the DVD, she continued to ask when we would be watching it.  I told her that we would watch it after dinner on Saturday as a treat, along with cupcakes she was making with Daddy.  While the cupcakes baked, we put this movie on.  And, as soon it began and the popular pop type songs known from these Barbie movies began playing, Savannah was off the couch and dancing around the room.  She didn't sit the entire time, as she was so excited and couldn't get enough of the Tori and Keira changing places and singing and dancing.  

The movie moved along at a steady pace and kept Savannah engaged the whole way through.  Like I said, we received this Saturday AM, and have seen it a handful of times since, with no slowing down in site. :-)  I have to say that as a parent, I continue to enjoy the movies that are put out from Barbie, with this new release being one of my favorites.  Even though the storyline is best enjoyed by older children (say 7 and up), my daughter still enjoyed it, as the graphics and music were fabulous.  And, with the holidays right around the corner, this DVD would make for a great stocking stuffer for that Barbie lover in your house. :-)  Hint, hint!!!

Barbie The Princess and The Popstar Transforming Tori DollBarbie The Princess and The Popstar Keira Doll

In addition to the movie, I was sent the two Barbie dolls that go along with the movie -- Tori and Keira, for Savannah to enjoy.  I didn't show her the dolls until after we watched the movie.  You should have seen her reaction.  She was dancing to the ending credits, and then I pulled the dolls in their boxes, from behind my back.  Savannah quickly grabbed the Tori doll and ran over to her favorite chair to admire the doll.  She didn't even know it sang two songs when you pressed the jeweled necklace.  What she loved most was the beautiful outfit and flowing hair.   She kept pointing to the doll and saying, "pretty," as she stroked her own hair.  

Barbie princess Tori doll

At first, she didn't want to take the dolls out of the box, and ended up putting them on her end table for display.  But, after a day of looking at them and realizing they sang two songs and could transform, she wanted me to take them out of the box for her.  Since then, she continues to play with her Tori and Keira Barbie dolls and asks to watch this DVD.  When the DVD is playing, she is front and center with her new dolls, making them interact with the movie. Priceless. :-)

These dolls would also make for great holiday gifts, along with the DVD. For more information about this DVD and dolls, head on over to the official website -- www.barbie.com/princessandpopstar

 ---BUY NOW---

The DVD can be purchased at your favorite local retailer, as well as through Amazon.com for only $14.96.  As for the dolls, I saw them weekend at Toys R US, as well as at Amazon online, with a retail price of $25.97 each.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the DVD and Barbie dolls from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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