Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My $30 Shopping Spree Challenge at Frigidaire's Accesories Division Online Store (Review)

I love it when I am given a challenge to spent X amount of money at a store and see what I come up with.  Recently, I was contacted by Frigidaire, and asked to review their Frigidaire’s Accessories division, at -- which is a great resource for home appliance accessories and , with a $30.00 credit.  At first, I thought to myself, what will I be able to buy from an appliance shop?  If I wasn't in the market for appliances, what could I buy....appliance replacement pieces, etc.?  How much fun would that be to review?  After checking out Frigidaire’s Accessories division online store, I found a lot of great items.  Yes, I could have spent over $30 and paid the difference, but I really wanted to be creative and see what goodies I could find for $30.00.  I think I did good.  Just look at what I picked up:

Can you believe that all cost under $30?  Well, it did.  The only thing I had to cover out of pocket was the shipping, which was only $6.95 .  As for delivery time, I received my order in under a week.  Since receiving I have had a chance to try out each and every product.  

Turkey Cannon

I was going to wait until Thanksgiving to try out the turkey cannon, but really wanted to see how it worked.  So, I made a roasted chicken the other night and couldn't get over how easy it was to use.  Not only did it cut down the roasting time of a 4 lb. chicken, but it infused the chicken with flavor and left it moist and juicy.  In the past, I would roast a chicken, and by the time we cut into it, the juices had already run out and were dried up in the bottom of the roasting pan.  This would leave us with dried out meat, and the need to use gravy to add moisture to it. When I served the chicken, alongside the gravy, I was surprised to find that we only needed the gravy for the mashed potatoes.  And, everyone kept asking what I did to seal in the flavor and juices.  When I showed my husband the turkey cannon, he thought it was weird looking, but based on the results, he told me to make sure I used this for cooking chicken and turkey from here on it.  And, I agree!  I can't wait to roast our turkey on this for Thanksgiving.

10" Food Loops- Set of 6


15" Food Loops- Magenta (Set of 6)The next item I tried out was the food loop, which was a set of six silicone trussing tools.  I ended up stuffing Cornish hens and using these ties to keep the stuffing in the cavity.  Now, in the past, I would have a hard time first locating the string to tie of the birds, and once found, tying them up.  Halfway through cooking, I would check on birds to baste them, only to see the stuffing starting to fall out of the cavity.  But, this time around, these trussing tools were easy to use and kept the stuffing in place.  Best of all -- I simply had to wash, so that I could reuse down the road.  In addition to tying off the legs  of birds, you can use these silicone trussing tools to keep fish together after slicing and stuffing, bunching up veggies to cook in a stove pot and even keep together steak roll ups, etc.  My husband loves using them to keep his sandwich wraps together on the plate when serving.  At only $7.95 for 6, this is a must have for any kitchen, with its many uses.  You never know when you need to keep things together, and these reusable silicone trussing tools with come in handy.

ecosential by Smart Choice&#0153 Kitchen Surfaces and Oven Cleaner

Next up to try out was an 18 oz. Ecosential kitchen surface and oven cleaner by smart choice.  With our house childproofed, we have all the cabinets locked up.  When I am cleaning up the kitchen, I find myself unlatched the cleaner cabinet time and time again, as I forget to grab the oven degreaser or countertop sprays.  With this unscented cleaner, I can now clean multiple kitchen surfaces, and not have to worry about cracking the windows to get rid of the chemical smell other cleaners leave behind.  How does this cleaner stack up against others that I have come to trust?  This eco-friendly cleaner really got the job done, in cleaning spills on the stovetop and in the oven.  I love how I don't have to use elbow grease to scrub down spills and splatters in the microwave.  One spray of this powerful cleaner, along with a wet sponge, and the microwave is clean and sparkling. 

Zyliss Soft Skin Peeler Pair (2 pc.)

The two other products I picked up to round out my order were a soft skin peeler and julienne slicer, both by Zyliss.  I had fun with these kitchen gadget, peeling skin off of peaches and tomatoes, and julienning carrots and cucumbers for salads. I will definitely be using the julienne slicer come Thanksgiving to dress up the salad.

Who would have thought I would have been able to spend $30 at the Frigidaire’s Accessories division's online store, and get products that I could actually use and enjoy.  I am so glad I challenged myself to see what fun and unique products I would find, and love everything I received.  So, why not give the Frigidaire’s online store a try?  Even if you are not looking for appliance or accessory replacements, you will be surprised at what they offer for your home.  If you take the $30 challenge, let me know what you chose. :-)  Happy shopping!

And, if you like recipes, make sure you check out their recipe section, that cooking and baking bloggers share their recipes to. I have printed out a few recipes I want to try for the holidays. 

Disclosure: I was sent a $30 gift code to use in purchasing products for review from the vendor. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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