Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fijit Friends and Yippits Will be on the Top of Many Young Girls' Christmas Lists (Review)

I think I have found one of the hot toys for this upcoming holiday season -- Fijit Friends and Yippits?  What are these toys you ask?  Well, if you don't know what Fijit Friends are and have young children, then you are really missing out on a fun, interactive toy that both children and their parents will enjoy playing with.  I was sent the Willa Fijit Friends and the yellow Yippit, from Mattel to review and share with Savannah.  As soon as I pulled them out of the box and activated them, Savannah smiled from ear to ear, and couldn't wait to try then out for herself. She didn't even make it into the living room, as she sat down on the kitchen floor and asked me to put them down for her to see.  

You can choose from four lovable and oh so cute Fijit Friend, all with their own distinctive colors, voices, ears and personalities:

    Willa – purple – the pattern-setting Fijit Pal
    Logan – blue – the sporty Fijit Friend
    Sage – green – the adventurous Fijit Friend
    Serafina – pink – the sweetie-pie Fijit Close friend.

Designed to stand on a bedside table and interact with your kid’s music and voice commands. Every Fijit can understand additional than 30 verbal commands and will respond by picking out from 150 created-in phrases and jokes. 

Fijits Friends also enjoy to dance. Working with Beat Detection, Fijit Friends recognize diverse types of music and pull off funky dance moves in accordance to the defeat. Unlike other robots on the market, Fijit Friends have a soft, squishy body, making them gentle to touch and hug.  

Before you begin using these new friends for the first time, make sure you replace the 5 AA batteries with fresh batteries as the directions state.  The batteries included are only for demo purposes and will not make your Fijit fully functional.  Because Savannah wanted to play with it right out of the box, I didn't replace the batteries, and thought the toy was broke, as it wasn't responding to  phrases, etc.  But, once fresh, rechargeable batteries were in, her Willa Fijit was like a new toy, ready to rip up the dance floor.

Even though the toy is geared towards children 6 years and up, under our supervision, Savannah had a blast sitting back and watching Willa interact with the Yippit puppy, as well as by itself.  Our daughter is only beginning to form sentences, so my husband and I would sit with her and speak to the robot, to make it come to life.  As we watched Savannah's eye light up and her continually let out "oohhs and ahhs," we couldn't help but fall in love with these unique toys.  My husband even borrowed a few of the jokes Willa told to share with his Toastmaster's group. :-)

Just based on other reviews I had read prior to trying out the FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy in our home, I wasn't expecting much, but was amazed at all this little robot could do.  From speech recognition to interacting with the little Yippit puppy robot, it will keep your child's attention and provide hours of fun.  I know as Savannah usually only sticks with a new toy for 30 minutes top before moving on, but since welcoming Willa and her trusty Yippit sidekick into our family, she made a place for them on her end table, and plays with them on a daily basis. As soon as she wakes in the morning and activates Willa, the robot prompts her to "come here" before making a kissing sound.  Savannah knows what this means, and will grab Willa and give her a big hug, before planting a wet kiss on her lit up face. And, when it is time for bed, she likes telling Willa "Night Night," in which Willa responds by dimming her light up body, bowing her head and begins to snore.  Really a cute feature, which still makes Savannah giggle each time, before she puts her finger to her mouth and says "shhh, sleeping." :-)

The only negative thing I could think about regarding the Fijit Friends toy was that it doesn't come with a volume control setting. This cute robot startled Savannah the first time it came to life, as it shrieked.  And, when Arabella is sleeping, this is the time Savannah using brings out these robots, which oftentimes are too loud and wake the baby.  I don't know why a volume control was not included, but maybe with newer versions they will include this feature, as other parents have also brought this concern up.

The Yippits were created not only to interact with the Fijit Friend toys, but also provide young children with a fun puppy-like robot that plays games, can learn new tricks and of course, dances.  Savannah enjoyed when the Yippit and Willa were working off of one another.  But, when I tried to get her to play with the Yippit solo, she seemed to lose interest fast. Maybe if Savannah was older, she would enjoy teaching this little robot new tricks and watching it perform.  Even though Savannah prefers Willa over this robot, she makes a point to bring them both out to play, as they belong together. :-)

So, with the holidays right around the corner, I would not hesitate to suggest these lovable interactive robots from Mattel to family and friends.  Yes, the price may be a bit steep at $49.99, but I have seen other popular toys on the market recently with little or no interaction for much more.  Don't worry if you or your children are not tech savvy.  You don't have to be to enjoy these affectionate little robots from Mattel.  And, what better way to teach children about friendship and bonding than with these forever friends?! :-)

 --BUY NOW--

Fijit Friends and Yippits are available wherever toys are sold, including Mattel's online store, Toys R Us and even Amazon.com. Fijit Friends have a retail price of $49.99, while Yippits will run you $14.99.

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Fijit Friends. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

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