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Arrives on DVD and Digital Copy October 16

Yo ho, let’s go! Set sail with Jake and his crew on a full-length, high-speed adventure on the high seas. According to the Never Land Pirate Code, Jake and his crew must race Bucky against the Jolly Roger and the sneaky Captain Hook. But if Bucky loses, he’ll belong to Hook forever. Of course, Hook uses every trick in the book and wins the race. But, Jake and his crew might have a way to get Bucky back. With the help of Peter Pan, the young pirates embark on an adventure across Never Land that includes getting past a fire-breathing dragon. With your help, Jake’s crew can save Bucky from the devious Captain Hook. In addition, enjoy four more exciting Jake and the Never Land Pirates episodes. Overflowing with music, swashbuckling action and seafaring fun, Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky proves that being a hero comes from teamwork, determination and friendship! 

Available on Disney DVD October 16, "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky" Combo Pack comes with more than 2 hours of DVD content, a digital copy and an official "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" blow-up sword. In addition, fans can sing along to all the fun, swashbuckling songs on a special Pirate-oke feature exclusive to the DVD!


Colin Ford (“We Bought A Zoo,” TV’s “Supernatural”) as voice of Jake 
Madison Pettis (TV’s “Cory in the House,”“The Game Plan”) as voice of Izzy
Jonathan Morgan Heit (“Bedtime Stories”) as voice of Cubby
David Arquette (“Scream 4”) as voice of Skully
Corey Burton (TV’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”) as voice of Captain Hook
Jeff Bennet (TV’s “Johnny Bravo,”) as voice of Mr. Smee

Director:                                      Howy Parkins
Producer:                                    Mark Seidenberg
Executive Producer:                  Rob LaDuca


1 – Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky (Full-length adventure)
2 – Peter's Musical Pipes/The Never Night Star
3 – Captain Hook's Hooks/Mr. Smee's Pet
4 – Race-Around Rock!/Captain Hook is Missing!
5 – Captain Hook's Lagoon/Undersea Bucky!

Bonus Features:                         Pirate-oke – A karaoke-like feature that allows viewers to sing along to a collection of the songs featured in the episodes.

Street Date:                                 October 16, 2012
Release Format:                          2 Discs (DVD + Digital Copy)
Suggested Retail Price:              $19.99 (U.S.)/$24.99 (Canada)
Run Time:                                    Approx. 135 minutes (TBD)
Rated:                                           TV-Y
Aspect ratio:                               1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions)
Sound:                                         2.0 Dolby Digital
Languages & Subtitles:             English, French and Spanish


My Thoughts: 

If you missed this full-length special when it aired last month on Disney Junior, now you can relive the excitement when this movie arrives on DVD, on October 16th.  We had marked our calendar after seeing commercials for this animated special, and were counting down the days until it aired.  I secretly wanted to see it, as the classic Peter Pan was going to make an appearance and help Jake rescue Bucky.  

As a child, one of my favorite Disney movies and books to read was Peter Pan.  And, over the years, whenever I see memorabilia relating to this class film, I pick it up and have been storing to share with the girls, along with my extensive Disney movie collection on VHS and now DVD and Blu-Ray combo packs.  So, when Savannah became interested in Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior, I got excited as I would finally be able to surprise her with the goodies I had been collecting and waiting to share with her.  And, as a fan of Peter Pan, I love seeing how Disney is reinventing the classic to appeal to the younger audience, as they have done with this popular animated series.  Savannah watches this show on a daily basis -- sometimes even catching repeats in the evening.  And, if for some reason she missed it due to us being out, she catches up with the missed episodes with the FREE Disney Junior app on her Daddy's iPad.

So, back to this upcoming release.   As stated in the Never Land Pirate code, Bucky must race against the Jolly Roger and Captain Hook, and if he loses, Bucky becomes property of Hook.  Leave it up to sneaky Captain Hook to use every trick in the book to win the race.  Jake and his crew call upon Peter Pan to help them rescue their friend Bucky and bring him back home.  Young fans of the show will love this action packed full-length film, which will have singing and dancing along to the music, counting the gold v, all while learning about the importance of team work, playing fair and by the rules, friendship and determination. This is definitely one DVD worth picking up, if your child loves Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  We received over the weekend, but have already watched it three times.  Savannah can't get enough of the movie and bonus sing along feature.  

Oh, I forgot to mention that the DVD comes with a blow up sword, similar to what Jake uses.  Savannah had a blast playing with it as she watched the movie for the first time -- that was until Arabella came in and popped it on her. :-(  I guess we will be buying another DVD for the sword. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this DVD from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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