Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ready Pac Foods Introduces a Fun New Line of Disney-Themed Salad and Mini-Meals (Review)

"Ready Pac Foods launched a new line of Disney-themed Ready Pac® Cool Cuts® salads and mini-meals. The eight-item line is geared specifically for elementary and middle school-aged children, and started shipping nationwide earlier this month.

The Disney-themed Ready Pac® Cool Cuts® line includes vegetables and/or fruit in every pack, along with other tasty, nutritious items and an element of fun. Each variety is a nutritious version of some of kids’ favorite foods, like pizza and tacos.

Disney-themed Ready Pac Cool Cuts® Salads

Four salad items include: Pizzeria salad, Taco salad, Harvest salad and Caesar salad featuring kid-friendly iceberg and romaine lettuces. Proteins such as chicken, turkey, pepperoni and cheese are also included, along with grains and dressing.

Disney-themed Ready Pac Cool Cuts® Mini-Meals

Four mini-meals include at least one kid-sized serving of fruit or vegetables and tasty snack combinations including veggies, chicken and pretzels; turkey, crackers and cheese; pizza bites and apples, ham and yogurt, along with a free Disney-themed sticker in each tray.
All items meet Disney’s strict nutritional guidelines while appealing to kids through Disney characters and kid-friendly foods, such as alphabet pretzels and fun cheese shapes. The Walt Disney Company recently renewed its commitment to children’s health and wellness on June 5, 2012 with new standards for food advertising on programming targeting kids and families. Disney’s Nutrition Guidelines are intended to give parents and kids more nutritious eating options. The guidelines are derived from U.S. government-recommended dietary guidelines with the input of top child health experts."


My Thoughts:

I have shared in previous posts that our oldest daughter, Savannah is a picky eater.  We continue to work with her on introducing new meal options.  But, it is hit or miss on how she is feeling on a given day, if she will try and eat something new, or just want her puffs or soup.  She has recently been eating cold cuts from those snack packs in the market.  She only eats the round meat, while leaving the crackers and cheese.  I tried a piece of the ham cold cut the other day and couldn't figure out why Savannah liked this stuff, as it didn't taste like ham.  Then, I looked at the nutritional facts and was shocked at how much sodium and calories these little snack trays were.  But, my husband kept giving them to her because she would eat them.  I told him we had to find another way to let her get her cold cold fix, that was healthy.  And, the next day, the UPS guy dropped off a box filled with Ready-Pac's new Disney-themed salads and mini-meals for us to try.  I had forgotten I had requested to review these, but was so glad to see them at my door.  

Just looking at them in comparison to the other snack trays we were giving Savannah, you could see that the quality of product was 10x better with Ready Pac's trays.  Not only were children getting cold cuts in the mini-meal tray, but healthy snacks like grapes, apple slices, pretzels and yogurt for dipping were included.  At first, Savannah was reluctant to try them, but when she saw Mickey Mouse (her favorite Disney character), she asked for a tray.  We sat down at the kitchen table, and I opened it for her.  When she saw the sticker, she wanted it right away.  But, I told her the sticker was a reward and would be given to her if she finished all the food in front of her.  The reward worked for her, and in less than 15 minutes she was done with everything in front of her and licking her fingers.  And, that night for dinner, when I asked her what she wanted from the refrigerator, she reached for the taco salad bowl.  I was shocked and amazed -- not just because she chose something other than soup, but that dinner was so peaceful that night.  As we ate our dinner, she sat adding her ingredients and mixing up her salad.  And, when she was done with her salad, she was rewarded with another sticker, that was included in her salad bowl.

I am so happy that Ready Pac came out with these new mini-meals and salad bowl, geared towards children.  Now, I don't feel bad when Savannah is on a cold cut fix, as I know she is getting a balanced meal.  Don't tell her, but I ended up eating the chicken Caesar salad when she was napping the other day.  It was so good, especially with the yogurt based dressing (who knew?), and was a quick meal that I could feel good about eating.  Lately, I have been grabbing anything in sight as the girls have been off their nap schedule -- when one sleeps, the other is awake. And, when lunch rolls around, I am tending to them in intervals, only to look at the clock and see it already 3PM.  And, thus the snacking begins until dinner.  But, I can grab a mini-meal or salad bowl for Savannah and I, and enjoy eating together.  :-)

If you have children in school, these would make for great alternatives to the PB&J or ham and cheese sandwich they are sent to school with.  Older kids will love seeing Phineas and Ferb and Shake it Up on the label, while the younger crowd with go crazy for Mickey Mouse and the Disney princesses.  And, you as a parent will be happy seeing them eating these mini-meals and salad bowls, compared to others on the market.

---BUY NOW---

The Disney-themed Ready Pac® Cool Cuts® salads and mini-meals are available now in retail locations nationwide.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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