Monday, September 10, 2012

Lately Lily -- Clothes For Your Traveling Girl (Review)

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One of Savannah's favorite things to do is dressing up.  She loves when Nana and Papa come to visit, as she knows that they will bring new clothes for her to try on and model.  And, whenever we go shopping, she always tries to grab my hand and make a b-line for the clothing department. 

I guess she is my daughter, as she has a love for clothes and shopping like I do!  :-)  I, however, prefer to shop for unique clothing lines online. It is great when I stumble upon a new designer or online retailer who offers clothes you don't see in stores, and are great conversation starters.  So, when I was looking graphic tees for the girls last month, I found a Lately, Lily, and instantly fell in love with their playful and colorful graphic tees for girls Each tee shirt is custom designed and made of 100% cotton. Every tee has a unique hangtag filled with Lily’s observations and facts about the places she visits.

I was sent their "Soda Break" graphic tee to review, and couldn't wait for it to arrive. 
 Image of soda break

Before I could look at the graphic tee up close, Savannah was running over asking "For Me?"  When I told her, "Yes," she began taking off her shirt, so that she could try this new graphic tee on.  Here is a picture of her modeling her new favorite tee from Lately, Lily.  Don't mind the sparkly, lacy black skirt -- She didn't want to wait to change her bottoms to try on the shirt.  And, when the shirt was on, I was lucky enough to snap this photo as she danced around the house, only stopping for a second to pose here and there. :-)

In addition to this graphic tee, Lately, Lily offers 24 other fun designs any little girl would love.  I wish they came in adult sizes, as I love their designs and wouldn't mind modeling them like Savannah has. :-)

Here are just some of the graphic tees available online for purchase for only $28.00 each.

Image of peru rail Image of pan fluteImage of the signalImage of souvenirImage of palpacaImage of parade

Aren't they beautiful?  I especially love the "Con Amor" shirt, and will be picking up two for the girls, to surprise them this holiday season. 

 Image of with love

So, if you have a little girl in your house who loves playful tees or likes to play dress up, why not pick up a graphic tee from Lately, Lily to surprise them with.  She will love wearing this comfortable graphic tee, and will receive so many compliments, as has Savannah.


Image of lily

Click here -  to visit the Lately Lily website and view their current selection of graphic tees available for purchase. 

About Lately Lily:

Lately Lily is a collaboration between Author / Illustrator Micah Player and Apparel Designer Erin Nichols.

Each season follows our character Lily, the curious daughter of a photographer and writer for the International Exposition (Definitive Journal of Global Curiosity), as she travels the world with them in the company of her best friend, Zeborah. Lily writes in her notebook about what she has seen and where she has been, lately. These notes become the hangtags to and inspiration for our teeshirt designs.

As parents and designers, we’re struck by the thoughtful observations and deep curiosity of our children daily. Lately, Lily is a chance to daydream about far off places through the eyes of an adventurous child.
The two of us each grew up following favorite children’s book characters like Madeline, Curious George, Lyle the Crocodile, Harry the Dirty Dog and Corduroy. With Lately, Lily we hope to bring the soul of a vintage picture book to children’s graphic tees, with engaging characters, sincere design and honest curiosity about the people and places of the world.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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