Friday, September 14, 2012

Jumbo Little Miss Muffin Dolls from Jay at Play (Review)

I was sent a Little Miss Muffin Vanilla doll at the beginning of the year, and surprised Savannah with it.  She instantly took to this cute doll, which flips from being a muffin to a doll in seconds.  And, what comes to mind when you think of baked goods like muffins -- the sweet smell.  Well, this doll has just that.  Depending on the Little Miss Muffin doll you choose, your little one will love cuddling up next to this 2-in-1 toy, that smells great.

So, when I was sent a jumbo Little Miss Muffin Pumpkin doll in the mail the other day, I couldn't wait to see what the girls would do.  The first thing Savannah did was run and grab her smaller Little Miss Muffin doll.  She then passed it over to Arabella and said "For u Sisa."  Ah, how sweet?  Or, go figure, Savannah wants the newer and bigger doll?  :-)  But, I was surprised to see Savannah finally sharing one of her new toys with her little sister.  For over an hour, they played together on the floor with their Little Miss Muffin dolls.  Savannah showed Arabella how to transform the doll from a muffin to a full fledged doll, and also showed her that the doll smelled, by holding the two dolls up to Arabella's nose. 


I can't wait to pick up other fun scented Little Miss Muffin dolls for the girls to add to their stockings this holiday season. These dolls will definitely put a smile on any little girls' face.  Just be warned -- these dolls smell so good, you will crave a muffin after you smell them. :-)

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You can pick up Little Miss Muffin dolls in all sizes at your local Toys R Us store and online, as well as through online retailers like Amazon.   Right now Toys R Us online is selling the jumbo dolls for only $17.98 --

About Jay@Play:
Jay@Play International was established in 2004 and is a Hong Kong-based company with a showroom in New York City. The company's products are distributed internationally through companies that promote all of their brands on television. Following the worldwide success of its best-selling MushABellies, Totally KooKoo, Happy Nappers and Little Miss Muffin product lines, Jay@Play is now launching TV campaigns in the US for its "Pop N Play Village" brand, Cuddleuppets, and Skooligans. Jay@Play introduced the ToyTube network, which is a platform for cutting-edge 3D augmented-reality (AR) gaming for the popular MushABellies brand. Jay@Play International is a subsidiary of Jay Franco & Sons, the industry leader in the home-furnishing industry.
Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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